Haunted Woods

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About Haunted Woods

Apart from Kiko Lake, the only other team to have registered two wins in the history of Altador Cup is Team Haunted Woods. The winners of the first ever Cup finals, Haunted Woods had a long lean period before lifting the trophy again in AC IX.

This year, the team is embroiled in controversies before the tournament has even begun, raising questions about their focus amongst fans. Will they be able to rise above them and put on a solid show?

Download team song in MP3 Download team song in Ogg

Song credit: The Mission by Jim Twenty (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 )

Team Avatar

To show your support for your chosen team, an avatar has been released. Upon obtaining Rank 1 in your personal standings the avatar will become unlocked. This avatar is only available for use during the Altador Cup season.

Go Zombies!


Haunted Wood's default Yooyuball formation is: 1+3

Team Captain
Krell Vitor
Name: Krell Vitor
Species: Kyrii (Male)
Position: Left Defender
Strengths: Leadership, Guarding, Tenacity
Weaknesses: Scoring
Fanetti Name: Fanetti
Species: Meerca (Male)
Position: Goalkeeper
Strengths: Speed, Jumping, Good Hands
Weaknesses: Size
Crade Talvos Name: Crade Talvos
Species: Draik (Male)
Position: Right Defender
Strengths: Tenacity, Guarding, Quickness
Weaknesses: Scoring, Hands
Mortigan Name: "Brains" Mortigan
Species: Usul (Male)
Position: Centre Defender
Strengths: Strength, Stamina, Tenacity
Weaknesses: Quickness, Intelligence
Zo Junior Name: Zo Junior
Species: Korbat (Male)
Position: Centre Forward
Strengths: Scoring, Speed, "Clutch" Performer
Weaknesses: Guarding, Size

Cup History

Altador Cup I
Eliminated: WINNERS!

Altador Cup II
Place: 7th

Altador Cup III
Place: 8th

Altador Cup IV
Place: 10th

Altador Cup V
Place: 12th

Altador Cup VI
Place: 11th

Altador Cup VII
Place: 19th

Altador Cup VIII
Place: 19th

Altador Cup IX

Altador Cup X
Place: 18th

Altador Cup XI
Place: 18th

Altador Cup XII
Place: 15th

Altador Cup XIII
Place: 16th

Altador Cup XIV
Place: 15th

Altador Cup XV
Place: 17th

Altador Cup XVI
Place: 14th

Team Loyalty Prizes

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