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The mysterious granter of boons.

What Are Boons Anyhow?

Boons are special site perks that are awarded for being a member of a winning faction. They affect all sorts of areas of the site from the bank and shops to Battledome and faerie quests. Boons last exactly 1 week and will expire once the truce timer runs out (the countdown will also be visible on the page the boon affects, like your bank page, stock page, etc).

At the end of each round qualifying members of the winning faction will have a choice between one of five boons. In addition, Premium members may choose one of two extra boons.

All currently known boons are listed below. Check back, as more boons may be added in the future!

Normal Boons

These boons are available to all qualifying members of a winning faction. Each member may choose one boon per win. To see what faction receives what boons check out our Skirmish Factions Guide.

Boon Description Effect
Bank Bribery
You feel uplifted and your presence puts the bank manager in a delightfully good mood.
Increases yearly bank interest by 3%.
Black Market Goods
Shopkeepers don't offer their finest goods to just anyone, but there's something about you...
Highlights 88+ rarity items in shops.
Book Smarts
You feel as though every word you read somehow means more than it usually does. Is your mind expanding?
Receive up to four intelligence from reading books.
The Faeries may have powerful spells of misdirection, but they fall like cobwebs before you in the cave.
You will always find the treasure in the Faerie Caverns .
(There will be hints that guide you)
Cheaper By The Dozen
By some force that defies explanation, the rules of the Stock Market bend to your will
Lowers the minimum stock purchase price from 15 NP per share to 10 NP
Doctor who
Sometimes, everyone gets to be healthy
Pets are cured of any disease when visiting the Healing Springs
Used up? Not today. Today, the laws of physics take a little nap in the Battledome, just for you.
Occasionally allows you to re-use 1-use BD weapons. Rate of re-use appears to be 20-25% with the various battle muffins being the most successful.
Double Bubble
There seems to be a little essence of Everlasting Apple in some of your potions. Tasty.
Healing potions "refill" and can be used twice.
Why choose when you can carry even more implements of chaos? It's like you have another hand.
Allows you to equip up to 9 weapons per pet
Five Finger Discount
The shopkeepers just like you better than everyone else. It must be your sparkling wit.
Discount of 10% applied when haggling at Neopian shops (not including user shops).
You're feeling a bit stronger lately. Now might be a good time to stomp around at the Battledome.
Increases attack strength by 10%
You suddenly feel the need to admire others' avatars... closely. Is that glitter?
Steal another person's avatar for as long as the boon is active. The stolen avatar is labeled as "Pilfered" and can be swapped at will by stealing another one. The stolen avatar will NOT count in your avatar score.
Refreshed Quest Request
The faeries sense something within you and offer a second chance
Allows users to refresh a Faerie quest to change the type of Faerie. Only one refresh per quest, but can be used on every quest. Usable with quests from the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies
Right Round Round Round
You feel strangely drawn to large wheels. Perhaps your luck is turning around.
Receive an extra spin on any of the Wheels of Neopia.
Scratch Master
You feel like hanging around scratchcard kiosks. Who knows? Maybe it's your lucky day.
Allows you to buy 2 scratchcards before being subjected to the wait time between purchases
Strength of Mind
Let other grunts shove each other about. You feel smart enough to find another path to victory.
Grants the ability 'Mind Blast' in the Battledome, which uses your pet's Intelligence as its Strength boost, once per battle.
That Millionaire Feeling
And what a feeling it is. You are mysteriously compelled to use this gift at the Trading Post.
Raises the NP trade limit from 800,000 to 1,000,000 NP.

Premium Boons

These boons are available to qualifying members who have Neopets Premium of a winning faction. Each member may choose one premium boon per win, in addition to their normal boon. As of now these boons appear random.

Boon Description Effect
Full Pockets
The scratchcard hums in your hands and you feel luckier. This is not the Space Faeries doing...
Increases the likelihood of a good prize from the Premium Scratchcard
Premium Dreamium
Premium Dreamium: You feel drawn to the games room, determined to leave richer than you arrived.
You can send 4 scores in the Premium Featured Game instead of the usual 3.
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