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The six factions vying for control of the obelisk each have their pros and cons. This is a quick overview of each faction, which boons they have available, and which one's we think are the most useful.

The Factions

Leader: Kanrik, Master Thief
BD Opponents: Petty Pilferer, Roadside Bandit, Midnight Smuggler, & Shady Prowler

The Thieves Guild are a popular choice, and they have some really great boons! LOL AVIES is the source of much hilarity if you frequent the boards. Cheaper By the Dozen is suggested if you play the stock market, or need the stock market avatar. Finally, Five Finger Discount can be nice for frequent restockers.

Number of Wins: 5

Leader: The Duchess
BD Opponents: Amateur Insider, Charming Subversive, Nefarious Plotter, & Cunning Mastermind

The Sway were the original winners of the Obelisk War, and fight very hard each round their in. With good reason, the Sway have pretty awesome boons! Black Market Goods highlights r88+ items in shops and is great for restockers, That Millionaire Feeling ups the trade limit to 1 million NP, and Bank Bribery increases your interest by 3%. We don't know who The Dutchess knowns on the inside, but we wish they were our friend too!

Number of Wins: 12 (The Sway were also the original winners of the war.)

Leader: Rasala the Bright
BD Opponents: Minor Warlock, Hedgewitch, Licensed Conjurer, & Master Wizard

The Order of the Red Erisim has the least total skirmish wins of any group, perhaps for a reason as their boons are only so-so. Refreshed Quest Request is nice if you've got a faerie quest fortune cookie on hand, but otherwise not worth much. Cartogriphication can be fun, if nothing else because the faerie caves don't get enough love.

Number of Wins: 4

Leader: Commander Flint
BD Opponents: Rent-a-Brute, Back Alley Bruiser, Brutal Mercenary, & Unyielding Sentinel

Despite being one of the winningest faction, likely because of their popularity with the BDers, the Brute's don't have the best boons. Right Round Round Round is nice if you are missing the wheel avatars and want some extra chances, but the three Battledome boons are all mostly worthless.

Number of Wins: 7

Leader: Professor Lambert
BD Opponents: Assistant Scientist, Smug Philosopher, Stalwart Explorer, & Genius Inventor

Seekers boons are really and interesting mix. Book Smarts is a great way to quickly boost pet intelligence, assuming you're willing to pay out for books. And Strength of Mind grants an ability which switches your attack and intelligence stats!

Number of Wins: 9

Leader: Lanie and Lillie
BD Opponents: Grumpy Mummy, Zombie Hooligan, Ghostly Knight, & Unchained Monster

The Awakened are a wild card. . . literately! Their boons are random every round and they have none that are specific to them. The Awakened are a great choice when the other groups have lame boons or if you just don't care about boons at all.

Number of Wins: 8

Awakened Boons are randomized each round, they have no boons that are specific to them.

Written by nbbug132
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