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A Meepit! Run!
Score 3500+ in Meepit Juice Break .
Score 20,000+ points in Assignment 53 .
AAA's Revenge
Score 1,000+ points in AAA's Revenge .
Ace Zafara
Score 700+ in Advert Attack .
Altador Cup Player
Obtain Level 1 status in the Altador Cup and then play any of the games on the AC Games page. Check out TDN's Level Calculator for more information on your own rank.
Altador Cup Staff Tournament
Awarded for participating in the Altador Cup Staff Tournament in 2010, 2012, or 2013.
Attack of the Slorgs
Score 1000+ in Attack of the Slorgs .
Avatar Collector
Get into the top 50 on the Avatar Collector Daily High Score Table . You will need nearly all avatars.
Babaa - Maths Nightmare
Get into the top 50 on the Math's Nightmare Daily High Score Table .
Beauty Contest
Win first, second, or third place either in species or overall in the Beauty Contest.
Better Than You
Succesfully beat a Better Than You challenger. You will receive the avatar when you get the Neomail from Neopets saying that you won.
Bilge Dice
Randomly awarded when scoring 24 in Bilge Dice .
Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak!
Awarded when winning 10 games in a row in Bilge Dice .
Blumaroo Court Jester
Tell the following joke to King Skarl : "What do you do if fierce Peophins has eaten too much tin of olives?" Your answer can be anything. To get the avatar, the king must laugh hysterically at the joke.
Brain Tree Quest
Place in the top 50 on the high score table for Brain Tree Quest .
Land on the pointed star prize spot on the Wheel of Knowledge .
Randomly awarded when you successfully complete round 1 of Cheat! while having caught Capara cheating.
Caption Contest - Funny
Win the Caption Contest on any 100th caption (e.g., 1000th, 1100th, 1200th, 1300th, etc).
Caption Contest - Hilarious
Rewarded to the golden prize winners in the monthly Caption Contest .
Carnival of Terror
Score 725+ in Carnival of Terror .
Chia - Florg
Score 250+ points in Feed Florg . On April 7th 2007, the score was lowered from 1200+ to 250+, when a new version of the Feed Florg game was released.
Chia Bomber
Score 1300+ in Chia Bomber 2 .
Cliffhanger - Game Over
Play Cliffhanger and lose.
Count von Roo's Deadly Dice
Tie Count Von Roo for the first roll and defeat him on the second, earning two levels. Pet must be level 2+. The avatar can be lost by tying and then losing to Count Von Roo; this requires a pet level of 3+. Count Von Roo is awake between 12am-1am NST.
Score 1200+ in Stowaway Sting .
Destruct-O-Match II
Score 2500+ in Destruct-O-Match III . This avatar was rereleased on January 9, 2009.
Dice Escape
Score 1000+ in Dice Escape .
Win the jackpot at Dice-A-Roo .
Dr. Grumps
Score 900+ in Gourmet Club Bowls .
Draik - Escape from Meridell Castle
Get into the top 50 on the Escape from Meridell Castle Monthly High Score Table .
Evil Coconut
Randomly awarded when you knock down (but don't explode) a coconut in Coconut Shy . You can play 20 times a day. There is no event that says you have gotten the avatar.
Evil Eliv Thade
Score 1200+ in The Castle of Eliv Thade .
Extreme Potato Counter
Score 200+ in Extreme Potato Counter .
Faerie Bubbles
Score 2000+ points in Faerie Bubbles .
Fishing - Titanic Squid
Catch a Titanic Squid in Underwater Fishing . You can get these around Level 80.
Be in the top 50 on the Kiss the Mortog High Score Table when trophies are awarded daily.
Forgotten Shore
Awarded randomly when collecting a prize from the Forgotten Shore daily.
Freaked Korbat
Be in the top 50 on the Korbats Lab High Score Table at the time trophies are awarded. Rereleased on January 6, 2008.
Freaky Factory - Yoinked
Score 1250+ in Freaky Factory .
Score 1000+ in Gadgadsgame .
Win 250 hands in Godori in one month, before it resets.
Score 8,500+ in Goparokko .
Gormball - Gargarox
Win a game of Gormball .
Grand Theft Ummagine
Score 1100+ in Grand Theft Ummagine .
Grarrl Keno
Awarded while playing Grarrl Keno and correctly matching 4 or more eggs.
Grundo - Snowthrow!
Successfully submit a score of 10,000+ in Snow Wars II .
Hannah and the Pirate Caves
Score 150,000+ in Hannah and the Pirate Caves .
High Roller
Awarded when you land on the blank square on the Wheel of Extravagance .
Ice Cream Machine
Score 14,500 in Ice Cream Machine .
Illusen's Glade
Complete quest level 20 or 21 of Illusens Glade .
Imposter Apple
Randomly awarded when you go Bobbing for Apples and either 1. receive an Imposter Apple as your prize or 2. have an Imposter Apple in your inventory and it falls in the water.
Jhudora's Cloud
Complete quest level 20 or 21 of Jhudoras Cloud .
Kacheek - Herder
Score 250+ points in Extreme Herder .
Kadoatery - Mew!
Feed 75+ Kadoaties at the Kadoatery and then view your own user lookup.
Kiko Pop!
Random when playing Kiko Pop .
Kiosk Wocky
Win any prize on a Wintery Scratchcard . You receive a random card; not all cards win. (In fact, not many do.)
Lennies Rule
Be one of the first 250 people to answer correctly in the Lenny Conundrum .
Lever of Doom
Randomly awarded when pulling the Lever of Doom . There is no daily limit to the number of times you can pull the lever.
Library Faerie
Randomly awarded when completing the Faerie Crossword Puzzle . Answers are provided by TDN daily.
Magax: Destroyer
Score 3500+ in MAGAX: Destroyer II . Was previously 3000.
Master Vex
Randomly awarded while playing Cellblock .
Awarded randomly when winning 1,000 or 4,000 Neopoints from the Wheel of Mediocrity .
Meepit Vs Feepit
Score 3000+ in Meepit vs. Feepit .
Meerca Chase
Score 1250+ in Meerca Chase II .
Mortog Smooch
Collect your winnings after correctly guessing the Mortog 4 times in a row in Kiss the Mortog . Verify that the winnings collected are 5,900 NP in order to get the avatar.
Must... Keep... Smiling...
Randomly awarded when finding your pet in Kacheek Seek . You can play every day until your pet gets bored.
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
Score 2250+ in Mutant Graveyard of Doom II .
Neopian Lottery
Win the Neopian Lottery .
Neopian Times Writer
Get published in a 50th (300, 350, 400, 450, etc) issue of the Neopian Times.
NeoQuest - Wise and Powerful
Give the Clouded Gem to Erick the Cybunny in NeoQuest OR borrow a pet who already has a NeoQuest game up to this point. Turn in the Oak Staff, Coruscating Gem and one additional gem to Erick and have him create a magic wand. Either method will award the avatar.
Neoquest II - Bionic Cybunny
Defeat a Bionic Bunny in NeoQuest II .
Neoquest II - Devilpuss
Defeat a Devilpuss in NeoQuest II .
Neoquest II - Weakling
Randomly awarded when losing against a Plains Lupe in NeoQuest II .
Nimmos Pond
Score 4,000+ in Nimmos Pond .
Petpet Rescue
Score 250+ in Petpet Rescue .
Score 2500+ in Petpetsitter .
Pick Your Own
Leave the Pick Your Own Farm with 6 non-dung items.
Plushie Tycoon
Complete Plushie Tycoon with 50,000+.
Poogle Racing Winner
Bet on a Poogle in Poogle Racing and win.
Raider Of Maraqua
Score 800+ in Raiders of Maraqua .
Random Contest Winner
Win either 1st place, 2nd place or runner up in a Random Contest .
Revenge is Sweet
Score 2250+ in TNT Staff Smasher .
Sewage Surfer
Get to the 50th level, then quit, in Sewage Surfer .
Sinsi - Shapeshifter
View this page while at Shapeshifter Level 6.
Site Spotlight
Win the Site Spotlight.
Skarl - Moody
Tell King Skarl a really, REALLY bad joke. Awarded randomly when doing so.
Skeith - Jelly Processing Plant
Score 1000+ in Hungry Skeith .
Skeith - King Hagan
Awarded randomly when getting a score of at least 750 out of 1000 (A+) at Wise Old King .
Skeith - Snargan
Win 320 or more Neopoints from Double or Nothing . This game is not available to users under 13.
Smuggler's Dubloon
Score 2,500+ in Dubloon Disaster .
Score 5000+ in Snowmuncher .
Send a score of 6,500+ in Snow Roller .
Submit a score of 13,500 or higher in Spacerocked! .
Spike It!
Score 800+ in Mynci Beach Volleyball .
Win any prize on a Spooky Scratchcard from Sssidney.
Suteks Tomb
Score 2000+ in Sutek's Tomb .
Taelia the Snow Faerie
Awarded after completing one of the Snow Faerie's quests .
Techo - Cheesy
Randomly awarded when winning at Cheeseroller with any cheese in under 60 seconds.
Techo - The Buzzer Game
Score 300+ in The Buzzer Game .
That's Not Rubbish
Pick up a non junk item from the The Rubbish Dump , such as an apple core, petpets etc.
Top Gamer
Visit your My High Scores page when you have achieved 250+ different game scores.
Score 100+ in Ultimate Bullseye II .
Typing Terror
Score 3600+ in Typing Terror .
Tyranu Evavu
Score 15+ in Tyranu Evavu .
Volcano Run
Score 1500+ in Volcano Run II .
Score 850+ in Kass Basher .
Wheel of Excitement
Awarded when randomly winning 20,000 NP from the Wheel of Excitement .
Wheel Of Misfortune
Land on the Pile of Sludge spot when spinning the Wheel of Misfortune and have an item get turned into sludge.
Wheel of Monotony
Land on the 'Paint Brush' or '?' spot on the Wheel of Monotony .
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