Mystery Capsules (Old)

On June 11, 2014 all Old Mystery Capsules retired and got a new look. Check out our guide to read more about the New Mystery Capsules.

Mystery Capsules are fashioned after those little, plastic pods (called gashapon, in Japan) found in vending machines inside department store entrances. Everyone loves surprises, making Mystery Capsules one of the most popular NeoCash items. Most Mystery Capsules are available for a limited time, retiring a few weeks after their release, but others are consistently available in the NC Mall.

Mystery Capsules always contain one or more items with a total value equal to or greater than the price of the Mystery Capsule. For example, a Capsule costing 200 NC will contain an item or items that would cost 200 NC or more to purchase individually from the NC Mall. Some Capsules have a chance of containing re-released retired NC items.

Some Mystery Capsules have a random chance of containing a special Limited Edition item. Usually, there will be only one Limited Edition item associated with a specific kind of Mystery Capsule, but there have been some kinds of Capsules released that have two, three, or four Limited Edition items associated with them. Serious collectors may have to buy dozens of a given Mystery Capsule to get all the Limited Edition prizes it could contain. This can be a very costly hobby.

Gift Box Mystery Capsules

Gift Box Mystery Capsules contain NC Gift Boxes as their limited edition items. Each Gift Box Mystery Capsule still contains NC items worth the value of the capsule, plus between one and five gift boxes. The number of gift boxes included is completely random, and most Gift Box Mystery Capsules will only contain one gift box. Gift Box Mystery Capsules, when released, are only available for a very short time, usually about a week, before they retire.

Gift Box Mystery Capsules are considered very valuable, since they allow players to gain gift boxes for trading NC without buying NC cards. This is especially important to players in regions where NC cards are not available. Because these Capsules allow players to acquire additional gift boxes without buying NC cards, they are the standard "currency" used for NC trading, as they grant the trader a gift box to complete the trade. All NC trading guides list the values of retired NC items in "caps," which refers to the number of Gift Box Mystery Capsules a trader would expect to trade an item for.

Occasionally, Gift Box Mystery Capsules are released that may contain a Super Gift Box as a limited edition item, in addition to the regular gift box. Super Gift Boxes are not available in every type of Gift Box Mystery Capsule. The Super Gift Box has room in it to send four NC items to a friend, but you have to fill it up to use it. It won't work if you don't put four items in it, and the recipient has to claim all four items when they receive it or all items are returned.

Mystery Capsule NC Mall Events

TNT has designed special Mystery Capsule collector events in the NC Mall. Periodically a new collector event will be released and correspond to a certain theme.

During each of these events, sets of five Mystery Capsules are released. To participate in the event, players are encouraged to purchase one or more of each kind of the special capsules. There was an exclusive, limited edition prize awarded for purchasing one of each Capsule, and a second exclusive prize awarded to those people who are lucky enough to collect the Limited Edition items from all five capsules.

Written by Masaryk
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