History Capsule Adventure

There have been a few famous plots in Neopia over the years, from the earliest in Battle for Meridell, to the later plots such as the Faeries' Ruin. And while a lot of players look forward to the upcoming plot, one can always look back at past plots, and now there is a Mystery Capsule to help!

The History Capsule Adventure begins with Zylphia, the top historian at Neovia's Arcanium (arcane meaning secret or obscure), about to set off in her chronomobile to explore Neopia's past and consequently, a lot of the major plots that have happened in Neopia. For each major plot (such as Sloth Invasion), she will make a History Capsule available filled with treasures from that particular time period for you to investigate.

Each capsule is decorated with a face from one of the characters from the plot, and the prizes inside are related to the plot either in theme or direct objects used within the story. Your task is to, essentially, catalogue the items for her from Neopia's Golden Age as she travels back in time. If you do so, you will be rewarded with bonus prizes!

Buying and Using History Capsules

Each History Capsule will be released periodically between August 22, 2012 and September 25, 2012. The Capsules are Limited Edition and must be purchased in the time period stated underneath each capsule. In order to qualify for the bonus items, you must purchase AND open the capsules between the duration of the event, and you must purchase all of the capsules. If you trade for the capsule, you will not receive the ultimate bonus item. You do not need to purchase the capsules in any particular order, but bear in mind that they are only offered for a limited period of time! You receive one ultimate bonus item for purchasing and opening all of the capsules within the time frame. To qualify for a second bonus, you must discover at least one bonus item in your capsule for all seven capsules!

The History Capsules can be purchased at the Mall using NC. Once purchased, simply go to your Inventory and open the capsule to receive your items!

NC History Capsules and Items

Sloth Invasion Mystery Capsule (August 22nd - September 2nd)
Discovery of Tyrannia Mystery Capsule (August 27th - September 6th)
Usurper Mystery Capsule (August 30th - September 10th)
Champions of Meridell Mystery Capsule (September 4th - September 15th)
Curse of Maraqua Mystery Capsule (September 7th - September 20th)
Tale of Woe Mystery Capsule (September 10th - September 23rd)
Faeries Ruin Mystery Capsule (September 13th - September 25th)
Bonus Prize
Written by Mouseykins
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