Books and Reading to Your Pet

Neopets is a very literate place, with well over 2,000 different books and readable materials for your pet to enjoy! This page is a brief overview of books, how they affect pet intelligence, and how you can earn a shiny book award for your pet's lookup.

Drop everything and read!

Basics By-the-Book

First, be aware that books are consumable items. Once you read them to your pet they disappear into a puff of colored smoke. Books can cost anywhere from 1 to 40,000,000 NP and there are thousands to choose from. A single pet can only read each book one time, if you try to read them another copy they simply tell you they've already read it and don't want to hear it again.

Once you have some books you want to read to your pet, simply visit your inventory and click on the book. From the drop-down menu in the pop-up choose "Read to -Pet Name-". This will read the book to your pet.

In some cases, as with feeding your pet, they may refuse a book. You can get around this by changing the language on the site then reading the book to your pet.

Also, in some very rare cases the book may not disappear after your read it. This is not a glitch, just a user perk. Feel free to read the book to another pet or sell it.

Where to Get Books

There are several places around Neopets to get books. One of the most common is the book shops. There are 8 different shops in the various worlds that sell books and other things your pets can read:

In addition to these shops there are several daily freebies that can give out free books including Anchor Management, Apple Bobbing, The Forgotten Shore, and the various Wheels of Neopia; as well as several others. In addition, books are commonly given out as prizes in Key Quest. Remember, the books you get from these places will most likely be very common as they are easy to obtain, but every book counts!

Books and Pet Intelligence

Reading makes you smarter, don't you know?

For every book that you read a pet their intelligence increases 1-2 points (this is random). Reading lots to your pet is a quick, inexpensive, way to boost intelligence. Intelligence is a Battledome Stat that may affect the use of certain weapons and armor. Your pet might need a very high intelligence to properly use some items.

Pet intelligence is randomly generated when you create a pet. It starts at around 10-14 points for most pets, except Grundos which may start as low as 0 points. For the different point ranges there are different titles that go along with them. They are as follows:

  • 0-4: Dim Witted (Grundos, created Krawks and hatched Draiks Only)*
  • 5-9: Dull (Grundos, created Krawks and hatched Draiks Only)*
  • 10-14: Average
  • 15-19: Above Average
  • 20-24: Bright
  • 25-29: Clever
  • 30-34: Very Clever
  • 35-39: Brilliant
  • 40-44: Genius
  • 45-49: Super Genius
  • 50-54: Mega Genius
  • 55-59: Total Genius
  • 60-94: Master Genius
  • 95+: Ultimate Genius
*Although only Grundos, Krawks and Draiks can be created with an intelligence under 10, other species can have their intelligence drop from the use of certain weapons and from select events.

Neopian Book Award

Reading to your pet has the added bonus of making them eligible for the Neopian Book Award. Read them enough books will earn them a spot on the Book Awards Page . The top 17 pets get a trophy that appears on their pet lookup. The top 3 pets get a gold trophy, pets in places 4-8 get a silver trophy, and pets in places 9-17 get a bronze trophy. These trophies appear under the pet's picture and info but above the description on their lookup.

In addition to trophies for the top 17 pets, there is also an "Honorary Member" trophy that you earn for making it into the top 200 pets without making it into the top 17.

Once you've earned a Book Award Trophy iit can never be taken away, even if you drop out of the top 17 or the top 200. It will always appear on your pet's lookup. You can view how many and what books your pet has read by visiting your QuickRef page and clicking the link after pet intelligence.

The Book Award covers all books you can read to your pet, except those sold by Booktastic Books.

Booktastic Book Award

Reading your pet books from Booktastic Books in Kreludor makes them eligible for the Booktastic Book Award. This is separate from the regular book awards and has a different trophy. Books from the shop in Kreludor do not count toward the normal award.

Reading enough Booktastic Books to your pets will earn them a spot on the Booktastic Book Awards Page . Just like the other awards, the top 17 pets get a trophy and spots 17-200 get an honorary trophy. Also, once you've earned a trophy it can never be taken from you even if you drop out of the top 17 or top 200.

You can view how many and what books your pet has read by visiting your Quickref page and clicking the link after pet intelligence. At the top of the page there is a link that will take you to your pet's Booktastic Book list.

Book Avatars

There are currently three book-related avatars and all three come from special books that are only available in the Hidden Tower . These books are notable because they cannot be sold or traded from your account, the account you buy them with is the one they stay on and they cost quite a bit of NP.

You can click on the avatar's image to get more information about it from NeoAvatars.

Read 'Grimoire of the First Order' to your pet. This book is available in the Hidden Tower for 100,000 NP. HT Rich Avatar
HT - Rich
Read 'Grimoire of Prosperity' to your pet. This book is available in the Hidden Tower for 1,000,000 NP. HT Richer Avatar
HT - Richer
Read 'Grimoire of Affluence' to your pet. This book is available in the Hidden Tower for 10,000,000 NP. HT Richest Avatar
HT - Richest


In conclusion, reading to your pet is a quick, effective, way of raising your pet's intelligence. However, if you plan to go after a spot in the Booktastic or Neopian Book Awards, you're going to want to have a lot of Neopoints on hand with which to buy books. The rewards are a well-rounded pet and a lovely trophy for their look up, so by all means drop everything and read!

Written by nbbug132
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