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Apple Bobbing originated on the Haunted Fair during Halloween 2010. Because it was a huge success Apple Bobbing Bart decided to move to Neovia and continue with apple bobbing as a reoccurring daily. Rather than quests you will get simple events when bobbing apples, and you will often win prizes!

There is a random avatar related to Apple Bobbing. It can be achieved when you bob up an Imposter Apple. Another way to get the avatar is having an Imposter Apple in your inventory and have it drop into the water.

Imposter Apple Avatar
Imposter Apple

Bob for apples!

There are several different events that can happen when you click the Bob for apples button.

Way to go! It looks like you've bobbed up a(n) Item for yourself! It can be found in your Inventory - that is, if the Pant Devil hasn't stolen it already. Bwahahahaha! Aww relax, I was just kidding... sort of. Anyhow, be sure to come back tomorrow for another bob. Who knows what you'll win? Korbat Plushie
You win an item
How'd that get - I mean, bully for you! I'll just put that in your inventory for you. Wouldn't want it to get stolen, after all. Downright saddening, that would be. I might even shed a tear. So how about that? I reckon your apple bobbing skills have no match. Apple Bobbing Foreground
You win an item
Oh no! It seems you've had a spot of bad luck, my friend. I guess that's how it goes in life - sometimes you get the apple, and then other times the apple gets you. Don't be discouraged, though... after all, you never know: your next bob could be your best bob! Visit your Inventory to see what you got. Snot Umbrella
You win an item
While bending over the water, those Neopoints you were saving slide out of your pockets. *Plop, plop, plop* Drat. So much for that can of Neocola you were going to buy later


While you have your head thoroughly entrenched in a barrell full of musty water that others have been dunking their heads in all day, a member of the thieves guild decides to "relieve" you of some of those heavy Neopoints you've been carrying around.
Bag of Broken Neopoints
You lose 100 - 1000 NP
While dipping your head in the cold, murky, apple-filled water, you feel the belongings you were holding in your arms start to slip. *splash* Oh no! Not your item. Half-Eaten Heartberry
You lose an item from your inventory.
You dip your head into the apple barrell, gripping your prize firmly in your teeth. Upon emerging proudly with your prize, you are horrified to see that it's... someone's dentures?! You flail around in disgusted horror until you hit the fence and tumble headfirst over it. Ouch.


While bobbing for an apple you hiccup and snort in some of the murky water. Gagging and coughing you really start to feel quite tired.
You lose some HP.
You lean over the barrel to see what apple looks the best and as you lean over you drop something into the water and out pops an apple right into your forehead. OUCH! You now seem to have Blurred Vision. Sick Scorchio
Your active Neopet gets blurred vision
As you gaze into the water, about to bob your head in for a chance at appley-goodness, you notice a reflection in the water. It's Bart's hat. You're suddenly struck by a strange, uncomfortable feeling. Feeling ill at ease, you decide to skip bobbing for apples and head straight home. You don't sleep well. Hat
You win nothing and your pet drops a mood level:(
You eagerly reach for the perfect prize you have been waiting for, but only when you retrieve it do you realize it's nothing but some folded up rubbish. You toss it in the bin where it belongs. Trash Can
You win nothing :(
You hear an eerie music coming from far away. You leave the stall to go listen to it, but it stops after a few seconds. Oh well. Mysterious Chanting
You win nothing :(
You finally decide on which item to pick out when you suddenly see a flash of pink. A Meepit? You stare at the place you last saw the creature but nothing else happens. You leave the stall feeling a little perturbed. Snowman with Meepit
You win nothing :(
It seems like just any other normal day for apple bobbing, but when you lean across the water, it begins to glow green. You stare in unease as the water glows brighter and brighter until it stops. You shrug and leave, forgetting all about getting a prize. Glowing Green Apple
You win nothing :(
You lean forward to take your prize when the water splashes up and into your eyes. You stumble back and spend the rest of your turn blinking the stagnant water out of your eyes. Water Mushroom
You win nothing :(
You eagerly swish your head around in the water, and finally catch something in your teeth and bring it up. ARGH, you got a mouthful of Spyders! You spit them out in surprise, ending up with no prize at all. Swarm of Spyders
You win nothing :(
You see something lurking in the murky water. Somebody bumps you and you lose your concentration! Better luck next time. Dancing Rosie Toy
You win nothing :(
You lean too far forward and fall head-first into the barrel! Bart grabs you by the collar and drags you out but now you are too drenched to continue on your search for the perfect prize. Puddle
You win nothing :(
As you finally pull out an item you had your eye on, a passing Batterfly flies around your head, causing you to flail and drop the prize back into the barrel. D'oh! Black Batterfly
You win nothing :(
You get very greedy and try to wrestle with several items at once. You lose your grip on all of them and end up with nothing at all. Pity! Greedy Kadoatie
You win nothing :(

Exclusive Prizes

These prizes can only be won through Apple Bobbing.

Exclusive Apples

Exclusive Food Items
Exclusive Wearable Items
Other Exclusive Items

Non-Exclusive Prizes

There are various items given out by Bart when you bob for apples, here they are sorted depending on which prize you got.

Neohome & Garden
Battledome & Healing
Written by Ian
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