Part Two: Coded Messages

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5. Token Testing
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8. To get started, go to the Resistance HQ in the Space Station.

9. Once there, you will be brought to a screen with a set of command choices. First hit 4 on the top row of your keyboard. If it doesn't work, try clicking on the black panel and press it again. This will bring up the Administrative Panel. Next, press 2 to reach the inbox. Now you must decode those 20 messages!

Note: According to TNT, "Using any kind of external helper program or cheat program to solve this puzzle is against the rules and will likely get you FROZEN! So do the right thing and solve the puzzle yourself! (Discussions with friends and the use of reference charts is perfectly okay.)"

10. To decode them, you have to drag and drop the alien symbols on the right to the boxes on the left, with one symbol per box, and everyone's combos are different.
The system to this is rather complex. Each symbol is like a variable, where adding them together makes another variable.

The Key code is what you need to change into the Target code. Just think like it's addition- The Key + the Modifier = the Target. In clear, the symbols are added vertically.

Level 1 modifier

The following key works for messages with ONE modifier.

Level 2 modifier

In order to explain how to solve a level 2 code, we will work from the example:

A) On the code screen, spot your key and choose a symbole to work with. Personaly, I like working with the first one or the last one, but it's up to you. For this example, we will use the first V of the key.

B) Look at your target for that particular number. In the example that I'm using, the target would be X.

C) In the following chart, look at the V column and check on the modifiers column which combos will give you the target, X. To continue with my example, you would find that 8A, VV and XC are the combos that will give X as a result.

D) Make a list of the modifier codes that are starting by either 8, A, V, C or X.

Modifiers starting by 8 : #3, #6, #11, #13, #18, #20
Modifiers starting by A : #16, #19

Modifiers starting by V : #4, #5, #9, #12

Modifiers starting by X : #8, #10, #14, #17
Modifiers starting by C : #1, #2, #7

The combos you would want to try are the following:

8A : (3,16) ; (6, 16) ; (11, 16) ; (13; 16) ; (18,16) ; (20, 16) ; (3,19) ; (6, 19) ; (11, 19) ; (13; 19) ; (18,19) ; (20, 19)

VV : (4,5) ; (4, 9) ; (4,12) ; (5,9) ; (5,12) ; (9,12)

XC : (1,8) ; (1,10) ; (1, 14) ; (1,17) ; (2,8) ; (2,10) ; (2, 14) ; (2,17) ; (7,8) ; (7,10) ; (7,14) ; (7, 17)

At this point, you can either decide to try all the combos or try to narrow down the possibilities by looking at the second symbol. Make sure to write down all your progress and good luck!

Level 3 modifier

For the level 3 modifier, you will need to start with the ones that aren't "INCOMPLETE DATA". Progressively, you will be able to solve them all. Once you have decoded the message from Commander Garoo, you can stop solving the puzzle!

Before starting solving your puzzle, please read the following tips as they will help you to acquire a method. Thanks to Crxnochic who submitted them to us through our forum!

Be organized! Always check a the same kind of modifiers first and keep track of your work.

Because there are so many possibilities, the best is to put one modifier in the first space and select another one to put into the second space. Then, look at the chart and spot which mods would give you the target you are looking for. Try all the possible combinations.

Once you have tried all the working combos, put the modifier that was in the second space into the first space and repeat the same process. Yes, it is extremely lengthly, but it works.

A few things to keep in mind

  • After trying all possible combos with your first modifier, you can stop worring about it being an option!
  • The more columns you are deciphering, the less options will be possible.
  • Keep track of your work! A spreadsheet (using Excel or Numbers, for example) can be very handy.

Level 3 modifers chart (by Crxsnochic)

If you are looking for another chart to solve the level 3 modifiers, we are recommanding you to look at Kyootlittlegirl's petpage . Scroll down to get the level 3 charts.

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