Mission 3: Faerieland

1. Cave Maze
2. Retrieve Hifflo
3. Faerieland
4. Mystery Island
5. Haunted Woods
6. Maraqua
7. Prizes
8. Petpet Park Games
Mission HQ
Toy Chest

22. Head on over to Mission 3 from the PPL headquarters .

23. After you've read the comic, click on 'PROCEED TO MISSION' or click here .

24. After you finish reading the little story behind the mission, click 'continue' and you'll be taken to a picture of Faerieland with 10 portals. Your job is to check the portals one by one until you find the right one (closing the bad ones in the process). First, click on one of the portals - you should be taken to the portal where you'll find an evil creature of some sort trying to enter Faerieland.

25. To stop the creature, you'll need to close the portal. To do this, move the frequency slider on the C.A.R.P. about halfway up the scale (just click where you want the slider to go, you don't have to drag it). Then press the red button on the bottom of the device to activate it. If you got the right frequency, the portal will close; if not, the C.A.R.P. will display a number indicating how far you need to move the slider.

26. If you weren't lucky enough to get the right frequency on the first try, just use the number displayed to adjust the slider. For example, if it says -3, move the slider down three notches and press the red button again. If the number is positive, move the slider up the amount indicated.

Once you press the red button with the right frequency setting, you should see the image below, leaving you with one less portal to worry about.

27. Repeat steps 25-26 until you find the right portal. The number of portals you have to close is different for each person - it could take two or three, or nearly all of them! However, it's not a particularly hard task, so don't worry.

Once you find the correct portal, you should see the image below:

Congratulations, you have completed mission 3! If you like our guide, or want to show off your progress on the plot, put this badge on your userlookup, shop front, or petpage. Thanks for your support!

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