Mission 2: Retrieve Hifflo

1. Cave Maze
2. Retrieve Hifflo
3. Faerieland
4. Mystery Island
5. Haunted Woods
6. Maraqua
7. Prizes
8. Petpet Park Games
Mission HQ
Toy Chest

16. Head on over to Mission 2 from the PPL headquarters .

17. After you've read the comic, click on 'PROCEED TO MISSION' or click here .

18. Now, you'll need to adjust the opal so that it can refract the moonlight coming from the window onto each of the orbs. You can rotate the opal through a full 360 degrees - just click on one end and drag it to get the position you want.

Note: Since the position of the moon is different for everybody, there's no fixed pattern for the opal's positions.

19. Once you're satisfied with the opal's position, click on the window to let in the moonlight. The opal will refract the beam of moonlight to a spot on the wall - with a bit of luck, this spot will end up on top of an orb, activating the gem.

20. Repeat steps 18 and 19, trying different positions for the opal each time until you light up all three orbs. This is a trial and error task - it's not that hard, as there are only 12 possible positions. Just keep trying until you have it solved. :)

Note: There is a time limit for this - if you take too long, the moon will move and you'll have to start all over again. Don't worry though, you're sure to get it right if you try again once or twice.

21. Once you unlock the last orb, a Hifflo will jump out of the wall!

Congratulations, you have completed mission 2! If you like our guide, or want to show off your progress on the plot, put this badge on your userlookup, shop front, or petpage. Thanks for your support!

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