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In Snow Roller, you control a snow ball rolling down Terror Mountain. Nothing can stop this giant snowball! Your job is to roll over items that are smaller than you and to avoid obstacles. Here we'll give you some valuable tips and important information to maximize your score.

Controls & Instructions

Move your snowball by pressing the left and right arrow keys. To jump over obstacles, simply press the space bar. Press the down arrow to slow down! Here is what the game screen looks like:

There are 3 stages to complete; each of them are broken into 2 parts. You also get to choose which path you want to follow for the second part of each stage. Be quick in your decision or the game will pick a path for you!

In order to score points, you need to roll over items and pets. All collectable items are indicated by a red arrow in the game. That's really helpful if you have difficulty remembering which is which between collectable items and obstacles. The table below explains how many points you get for each of them. Also, you get bonus points if you make it to the end of the stage. The bonus is calculated as follows: item percent TIMES items points. For example, if your items are at 96%, and your items score is at 520, you get 499 bonus points for completing the stage (.96 x 520 = 499).

10 points
20 points
30 points
40 points

You will also notice that 2 slushies act as power ups. The first power up is called Black Hole and happens when you roll over the grey colored slushie. This power up makes it easier to catch collectables. Your snowball will become a black hole sucking all things in the range of its magnetism. The second power up is called Super Traction and happens when you roll over a black colored slushie. This power up makes your snowball stickier, thus it will grow in size faster.

Snow Roller is also full of various obstacles that you need to avoid or the size of your snowball will decrease by 5%. These obstacles are:

Tips and Strategy

In order to improve your score and earnings, here are some useful tips:

  • The game goes fast. Sometimes it's not easy to see obstacles and items. For that reason, you should focus your attention on the lower left corner of the game screen. You need to know if there is an obstacle or a collectable coming up!
  • Keep an eye on your item percentage. When it's low, you're in danger of death. Also, keep in mind that your bonus points depend on that number.
  • Try to collect as many items as possible, but don't make a big deal about it. It's by far more efficient not to use your arrow keys much and to focus on your jumps.
  • If you need to pause the game, click on end game in the upper right corner and when you are ready to start back, answer no and you will be back into the game.


It's possible to be randomly awarded with an item when you send your score in Snow Roller. For instance, you could receive aXampher, a Black Hole Slushie, or a Guide to Snow Rolling.



If you liked Snow Roller, be sure to check out Turmac Roll. These 2 games are quite similar and playing both of them will help you to improve your rolling skills in no time!

Written by Xepha
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