Neopets Game Ratios

What are Game Ratios?

Neopoint ratios are used by TNT to convert in-game scored points into Neopoints. The NP Ratio is always located underneath the main game header, as you can see in the picture below:

Same Score, Different Neopoints?

Once a month, the ratios change. TNT is concerned about the amount of Neopoints earned among all the different games and by changing the NP ratios, it is supposed to balance the game and help to keep NP inflation down. In general, if a game had a high NP ratio (requires a low score to get 1000 Neopoints), the NP ratio goes down the next month. Changing the ratios also gives all players the chance of having games they're good at have a good score-to-neopoints payout. Some games keep the same point ratio every month, like Fashion Fever, and others seldom change.

When Ratios Change

On the 25th of each month. Every month. Even when the 25th falls on the weekend. Even on Christmas. It can change at any time during the day, so be careful before sending scores.

How to Calculate Payout

It's fairly easy to calculate with Neopoints ratios. You need a calculator and a Neopoints ratio. If you want to know the minimum score required to earn 1000 NP, you have to multiply the NP ratio by 1000. Referring to the above Maths Nightmare picture, the formula is:

1.1 * 1,000 = 1,100 in game points

If you know that on average, you score 200 points in Maths Nightmare, then you would do the following:

200 / 1.1 = 182 Neopoints (rounded up)

Ratio Calculators

The following calculators make it easy to find out how many points you need to score to get 1000 NPs from a given game or how many NPs you get from achieving a given score.

How many Points for 1000NP?
Needed score:
How many NPs for a given score?
Ratio: Score:

Neopoints earned:

Neopoints Ratios on The Daily Neopets

Once the ratios have changed on Neopets, we run a tool that updates the ratios on all of our game guides, and then manually update the picks on our Dailies page We try to select games that are quick to play with a good payout. Usually, everything is up to date by the 26th of the month, with things occasionally not being fully updated until the 27th if there's an emergency. It is NOT necessary to send us tickets regarding games ratios.

Written by Xepha
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