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To be blunt, Shapeshifter can be fun frustrating. :P It is a good game to pass the time, however, and it does have its own avatar! It has a daunting 100 levels, but some people have actually reached that far, believe it or not. (Whether or not they've gone insane is a different matter altogether.)


Gameplay is simple. You are given a board (3x3, 4x3, or 4x4 for levels 1-10, 11-20, and 21+ respectively) with one of two (or three, in later levels) symbols. Below the board, there's a list of shapes. Simply hover over the game board and select a place to set your active shape; it'll be highlighted on the board as you mouse over it. You must place your entire active shape on the board.

After you place your shape, all the squares affected will have their symbols changed. For example, for level one, all the swords affected would change to gauntlets (gloves), and all the gauntlets would change to swords. Then, you repeat this with the next shape on the list. The goal of the game is to have ALL the symbols on the board match the goal symbol (sword) AFTER you have placed all your shapes.

An example of gameplay for level one is shown below. Click the arrows on the sides to scroll through the screenshots.

Gameplay Example

Tips & Strategies

If you "fail" the level, there is no penalty. You can just try again, but the level does change every time you play it (except for level one). There is no limit to how many tries you get, so you could theoretically randomly click without thinking until you accidentally solve it. I don't recommend this, though, unless you feel like wasting away a few weeks of your life on a single level of this game.

Sinsi (the Ixi in charge of the game) will bestow upon you a secret avatar once you beat Level 5. Begin level 6 then view the index page .

It is important to note that shapes can cancel each other out. For instance, if you have two of the same shape, using them both on the same spot would nullify their effects (since you would just flip all the symbols affected then flip them back). Keep this in mind if a puzzle looks confusing.

It is helpful to try to solve the puzzle in real life first using pencil and paper, coins, or even little cut out pieces of paper with marks on either side. Try flipping them using the shapes you have in the puzzle and see if you can solve it!

When solving the puzzle in real life, remember that it does not necessarily have to be solved in the same order as your list of shapes. Yes, you have to place the shapes in that order, but it's really only their positions that matter. You could place the first shape on the top left corner and the second shape on the top right corner to solve the puzzle, but when figuring it out, placing the second shape on the top right corner BEFORE placing the first shape on the top left corner would achieve the same effect.

Remember to take breaks. Don't give yourself a headache over this game; although it seems simple, it is very easy to overthink it and get yourself frustrated. I myself can't seem to get past level 7.

NOTE: The trophies are achieved by getting into the top 17 of the High Score List , NOT during gameplay. Trophies are awarded every day at around midnight NST. Please remember that it isn't too easy to get into the top 17; the scores are usually quite high. Your score is based on the last level solved, so if you're at level 27, your current score is 26.


I will reinforce my point that this game is frustrating yet good to pass the time. Chances are you won't play it after getting the avatar, but if you just happen to be strolling through Meridell one day and don't have anything else to do, it may just be worth paying Sinsi a visit.

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