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Zina and Horace have heard of a magical Golden Scorchstone, hidden in some old ruins near Sakhmet - such a find would surely mark them as the greatest of the Desert Scarabs! Can you help them navigate the dangerous ruins to find what they seek?

Controls and Instructions

The controls for this game are relatively simple :) You use your arrow keys to move either Zina or Horace around the ruins: one tap will start them moving in that direction, another tap on the same key will stop them, and a tap on a different key will change their direction.

You can also change which direction each arrow key points by clicking on "Setup" in the main game menu.

Obviously, the object of the game is to ultimately collect the Golden Scorchstone and then find the exit as quickly as you can! However, to maximize your score you will also want to collect the Silver and Gold coins you find along the way.

No ruins aren't without traps, of course - here are a few things to watch out for!

This barely-visible depressed patch on the floor is what I call Trap Floor - if you stand on it, you'll fall through it and lose a life on some nasty spikes. When you follow the walkthrough, all trap floor is marked red so you don't miss it. ;)
Spikes will often be found blocking your path to the next room or to a coin. You'll need to find the switch that corresponds to each set of spikes and lower them before attempting to pass through, or you will lose a life.
These Firepits alternate between blazing hot and perfectly safe... you will want to cross them when the fire is out otherwise you will lose 25 Health points!
Some rooms in the ruins will have special blocks which shoot arrows at you. If one manages to hit you, you'll lose some Heath points. In the walkthrough, the paths of these arrows are marked with dashed black lines so you can avoid them!
Similar to the arrows, Fireballs follow certain paths in some of the rooms. Watch out for these, as they will rob you of even more Health points than the arrows D:
These nasty little petpets, called Scarabugs, live in the ruins and aren't all that happy with Zina and Horace for disturbing their home! Like arrows and fireballs, they'll steal some of your Health points.
Finally, as you get deeper into the ruins you will encounter some Mummy guardians - these undead Scorchios are determined to keep you from stealing the Golden Scorchstone so avoid them at all costs!

Finally, you can also increase your health in the game by picking up Mummified Neggs! You start with five lives and 100 health points: if your health points get down to zero you lose a life. Picking up the Neggs will restore some of your health :) Keep in mind though, once you lose a life you can't regain it by collecting more Neggs so don't bother picking up the Neggs if you are at max health.

Full Walkthrough


The controls for this game can take a little bit of getting used to, but once you've played a few times it becomes quite simple - you'll be admiring that shiny new trophy in no time! Similar to other games like Grand Theft Ummagine and Faerie Caves II, this game has a maximum top score and TNT has a system where everyone who has that score and is on the top 100 scoreboard when trophies are given out gets Gold. As each new player gets the top score, the one at the top is bumped off - meaning that if you can get a top score, you automatically get a trophy. ^_^

Written by Izzy
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