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Kacheekers is Neopets' version of checkers or draughts. Like many board games, the goal is to clear all of your opponents pieces. This is a multiplayer game so you play against real people. There is also a monthly Kacheekers tournament with great prizes! For more information on getting started, joining the monthly competition, and general multiplayer game information, see the Multiplayer Game Lobby guide .

Controls & Instructions

The controls are very simple. When it's your turn, click on the piece that you want to move, click on the space you want to move it to, then press Your Move to finalize the play. Then, click the Waiting button to see if your opponent has made their move. That's everything on controls. If you already know the rules of checkers or draughts, skip ahead to the Tips & Strategies section.

Here is a quick overview of how to play Kacheekers. For more in depth instructions, look up the rules for checkers or draughts online; there are hundreds of sites to choose from. The goal in Kacheekers is to eliminate all of the opponent's pieces. Pieces move forward in diagonal lines one space at a time, either left or right. Therefore, they always stay on the dark squares. To eliminate an opponent's piece, you have to "jump" it by moving one of your pieces over the opponent's. Your opponent's piece must be directly in front of your piece to do this. You can jump over only one piece at a time. However, multiple jumps may be made in one turn if the same piece is able to eliminate a second opponent's piece. For example, in the situation below, two of the opponent's pieces can be eliminated on the same turn.

Pieces can only move forward until they have been "kinged".? A piece is kinged once it reaches the furthest row on the opponent's side. At that point, the piece may move forwards or backwards, making it far superior to regular pieces. In Kacheekers kinged pieces look only slightly different than normal pieces so make sure to remember which pieces are kinged. The kinged pieces have a thick rim on the top left as shown below.

Regular Kinged

Tips & Strategies

Unlike many variations of checkers or draughts, in Kacheekers eliminating opponent's pieces is not compulsory, meaning you can choose not to jump an opponent's piece. This takes away a lot of the skill and strategy involved in the traditional checkers game. Nevertheless, here are some good tips to keep in mind when playing:

  • Control the board. Leave some pieces at the back and give no space for your opponent to pass through and get a king. Don't separate your pieces too much, they become easy targets.
  • Watch for multiple jumps on both sides. Make sure you take them if you have the chance and avoid being double-jumped by your opponent.
  • Avoid draws at all costs. If the game ends in a draw in a monthly competition, it's the same as losing. Giving up one of your pieces for only one of your opponents eventually leads to a draw. Unless you have more pieces than your opponent to begin with, don't give up one for one.
  • Avoid "deadlocking." This happens when both players move in such a way to leave no space for their opponent to "jump" their piece. All of their pieces get backed up behind until both players are left unable to move backwards (only kings can move back) or forwards (due to their being no empty space to move into.
  • King your pieces when you get the chance and use your kings. Always avoid letting your opponent get a king. They are far more versatile than normal pieces and can eliminate normal pieces from behind.
  • Towards the end of the game, when only a few kinged pieces remain, force your opponent into a corner and go for the win. Don't let them keep running away. Try to get into a position similar to the screenie below. Assuming it's brown's turn below, blue will win the game.


Although actually playing a game of Kacheekers can get boring with all the waiting, the trophy is one of the easiest to get. If you don't get it on your first try don't give up! There's always another competition the next month. Again, for more information on the monthly competition and general multiplayer game information, see the Multiplayer Game Lobby guide .

Written by Ian
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