Multiplayer Game Lobby

The Multiplayer Game Lobby is for all you board game lovers. Here you will be able to play against other Neopians (real people)! There are two games at the lobby: Geos and Armada (for details on each game see the individual guides). You can play with a Neofriend, someone at random, or join a monthly competition for some prizes including a shiny, fairly easy to get trophy.

Getting Started

To start a game, you first need an opponent. For casual play, there are three ways to find an opponent. You can find current hosts by clicking the big Show Hosts image. Select the game you want to play and click the Show Hosts button. A table will display all the current available hosts who are waiting for an opponent. Click on the host's username to join the game. Hopefully your opponent hasn't forgotten about the game he/she is hosting, although this often happens. If your opponent doesn't make a move after a few minutes, cancel the game and find another opponent.

If there are no current hosts for the game you want to play, you can host your own game. On the main page, click Host Your Own. Then select the game you want to play and the amount of time you are willing to wait for an opponent. It might take a while for someone to join your game, so be patient and remember to keep checking back to see if someone has come by clicking the Waiting button. After the selected time passes your game will expire if nobody has joined.

The third (and most recommended) way of finding an opponent is by inviting one of your Neofriends to a game. Similar to before, click on Invite a Neofriend, select your game and friend, and your game will be started. Random opponents tend to do other things between moves, making a game drag for a very long time or they might disappear half way through the game. Friends are much more reliable.

Monthly Competition

The monthly competitions are the main reason most people go to the multiplayer game lobby. Winning in these competitions is one of the easiest ways to get a trophy for your cabinet. To sign up for the competition, scroll to the bottom of the monthly competitions page, select the game and time you want to play and click Enter Now. Choosing a time during which you usually play is important because you will be matched with opponents who chose a similar time. You will be put into a 16 player bracket. The competition starts on the first day of each month. Once the competition starts, you will have one week to complete each game, with the exception of the last game which expires on the last day of the month. These are single-knockout tournaments, so players are eliminated after one loss! The longer you last, the better the prizes. If you loose on the third week, you place third. The fourth week is the deciding match for first and second place. These are the rewards:

Place Reward
1st 10,000 NP & Gold Trophy
2nd 5,000 NP & Silver Trophy
3rd 2,500 NP & Bronze Trophy

Tips & Strategies

Often, you will not have to play at all to win a trophy in the monthly competitions. Many players sign up for the competition, but fewer actually show up to play their games. If you're lucky you will be matched with someone who doesn't visit the lobby regularly. If your opponent does not make a move for 24 hours, a button will appear on the game page that says Move or Lose. Click this to send a Neomail to your opponent telling them to make their move. Come back 24 hours later. If your opponent still hasn't made their move, click I Win! The result is self explanatory. :)

Sometimes, usually towards the end of the competition, this won't work and you'll have to actually beat your opponent to win the game. For tips and strategies for each game, see the individual Geos and Armada guides.

Written by Ian
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