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The Virtupets Space Station is widely known for its games that provide players an "out of this world" experience. Many Neopians flocked to Virtupets' Recreation Deck when a new arcade game, Frumball, was released. So what are you waiting for? Insert a couple Neopoints into the machine and enjoy a nice game of Frumball!

Controls & Instructions

Use your mouse to control the intergalactic space bat and bounce your small green ball into the larger ones for points and power-ups. The game begins with 3 lives, and you lose a life whenever you miss hitting the ball with your bat and it falls below the bottom of the playing area. Once all your lives are gone, it is Game Over.

Frumball Screenshot Frumball Power-Up Screenshot
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Power-ups can be obtained by destroying a random ball on a level. These power-ups can either be beneficial to the game play or downright annoying. Below is a list of all the power-ups that can be received in Frumball, helpfully color-coded. Green power-ups are beneficial and red power-ups are counterproductive. Yellow power-ups are either good or bad, depending on your opinion.

Power-Up Effect

Receive 3 extra lives.


Restarts the level you are currently on.


Your ball will be split into two separate ones.


Your ball will become erratic and bounce off larger balls and walls at odd angles.


Your ball becomes invisible.


The bat increases in size.


All the balls on the level are required to be hit three times before they disappear.


Every time your ball hits the bat, it will become stuck. Click once to set it free.


Receive 1,000 extra points.


Your ball is able to smash through multiple larger balls at a time.


Your ball will decrease to a slower pace.


Your ball will be split into three separate ones.


Bags of Neopoints will begin falling on the screen.


Your ball will increase to a faster pace.


All the balls on the level are required to be hit one time before they disappear.


The bat decreases in size.


The bat will split into three smaller bats.


The Pant Devil comes out and steals your current ball.


You will be warped to the next level.


Receive an extra life.


You will be warped by three levels.

Tips and Strategies

The best strategy is to just keep the ball in the air without losing it. As long as the ball keeps bouncing around, you're more likely to hit the remaining larger balls.

You can control where the ball goes a little based on where your ball hits the bat. For example, if your ball hits the left side of the bat, it will bounce off at a left angle. Practicing will help you figure out how to aim your ball toward your remaining larger balls.

Throughout the game, each time the ball hits the bat, the ball will increase in speed. It is important to stay calm and to never take your eye off the ball. The main reason why people lose at Frumball is because they panic when the ball gets too fast. Just relax and keep watch for the L Power-up so you can decrease the speed of the ball and regain control.

Note that losing a ball after collecting a multiplier power-up will not take away a life. As long as there is at least one ball on the screen at time, you are fine.

Also, try to learn the letters for your favorite power-ups. There are 11 good powerups, so memorizing those letters can help you know which powerups to go for and which to avoid.


There are two cheat codes that can be entered while playing Frumball. Typing frumball will grant you with one extra life. Typing kougra allows you to skip a level, but at the cost of resetting your points.


Frumball is a self-explanatory game that is based on the popular arcade game known as Breakout. Another Neopets flash game, Korbat's Lab , is based on the same game, but it is much more enhanced with better quality sounds and graphics than Frumball. Still, if you are a fan of Breakout, you should definitely give Frumball a try.

Written by Ian
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