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Korbat's Lab is a classic type of game that you've probably played before in some fashion (the original idea was called breakout). Its quite addicting and easy enough to play if you have the concentration and practice. The game is quite well done, with all the power ups and different block types that are included. It is definitely a good remake of a classic game, unlike some of the other games. The predecessor to this game, also known as Korbat's Lab, is playable here .

Controls & Instructions

This game's controls are relatively easy to understand. The left arrow key moves the paddle left and the right arrow key moves the paddle right. You will also need to use the spacebar to release the ball at the beginning of the game and any time you lose a life. At all time, press shift to pause the game.

Now, to learn about the playing screen. On the right side of your screen, you'll see a clock, but it's not your ordinary clock... this clock displays the number of lives you have left. In the center of the screen are the boxes you need to destroy. They are fairly simple, requiring one, two, or three hits to completely get rid of them. There are however two boxes that you should be aware of. The fire box (it has a small fire graphic on it) will release a fireball that destroys any boxes in a straight line beneath it. The other box is a bomb box (that's right, it has a picture of a bomb), it will destroy all boxes touching it.

Power Ups

Power ups will randomly fall out of boxes that you destroy. They can be good or bad, some depending on the situation. The table below outlines each power up, good ones are green, bad are red, and black could be good or bad, depending on the situation.

Lowers the speed of your paddle.
Increases the speed of your paddle.
Lowers the speed of the ball(s).
Increases the speed of the ball(s).
The size of your paddle is decreased.
The size of your paddle is increased.
Swaps your arrow keys. When you press right, your paddle will go left and vise versa.
Releases a missle out of your paddle that will follow wherever your paddle goes and will destroy whatever block it hits. Don't let your ball drop while using this!
Releases three extra balls from your paddle for a total of four balls around the screen. Try and keep them all up as long as you can, but don't fret if you lose one, or two, or three. You won't lose a life unless you miss all four.
Turns your ball into a fireball that will go through every block it touches, no exceptions.
Weakens blocks that need to be hit more than once (after you get this potion, you will only need to hit them once).
Sets off all bombs on the screen.
Breaks all fire boxes on the screen (as if you hit them with the ball).
Gets rid of all enemies on the screen.
Flips the entire screen, the clock will instead be on the left and the arrow keys will be reversed. (As if you're looking in a mirror)
Resets the level (you keep your points, so you can get a higher score overall).
Allows you to skip the rest of the level, you won't be able to gain anymore points though.
Gives you an extra life, very helpful!
Awards you 50 points.
Awards you 500 points.

Tips & Strategies

There are a few useful cheats for this game. Type in spiderbite to gain an extra life, this is best to use later in the game when you only have one or two lives left because if you're lucky enough to get the extra life powerup, and you already have the max number of lives (4), you'll miss out on that extra opportunity. To make typing in the code easiest, type in "spiderbit" before you release your first ball and when you need that extra life, just press the e key.

Another useful cheat is skip. You can use it as many times as you want throughout the game by just typing it in. This cheat doesn't give you any point advantages, as you don't gain points for clearing levels. However, if you're pressed for time or just can't get that last brick, skip is a handy time saver to have at your disposal.

The third cheat for this game is destroy. It will cause your ball to burst into many more balls. Using this cheat will almost guarantee you a lot of points, or help you to get the last couple bricks. There are near endless ways to use this cheat, as you play the game, you'll find the right time to use it.

The last cheat isn't really a cheat at all, merely an easter egg. Type in monstermovie to play the game in black and white. Its kind of like an old... monster movie!

If you ever find yourself with a stuck ball (continuously bouncing back and forth between the sides of the room), wait until the candle on the right of the room turns purple and press the spacebar to change the ball's direction.

As you play the game, you'll find your own little strategies that will help you. Practice makes perfect is especially true with this game.

Cheat Mania!


All in all, Korbat's Lab is a pretty fun game, with lots of fun features to play around with. There are many other variations of this game if you enjoy it that much and they're very easy to find. With all the cheats, this game is also a very good money maker and easy to get the maximum of 1000 NP (3000 per day).

Written by Ryan
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