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The NC Mall has been home to several unique games. These games coma and go as trends change. Some of the games are still active, while quite a few are retired. In order to play these games, players are required to purchase special game packs from the NC Mall. Once the game pack is activated, players can try their luck at obtaining the exclusive items they want.

What makes these games so notable? The attraction to the games are the exclusive limited edition items collected from playing. The items are exclusive because they are only available from the NC Mall game they belong to. They are also classified as limited edition items because a set of prizes is only available for a limited time, after which the prize set retires and the items are no longer available. The exclusivity of the items makes these games very popular. These games are random, so there is no guarantee that players will receive the items they're seeking right away. This causes players to continue playing the game until they have the items they desire. Even though these games have a certain level of risk involved, they remain attractive.

Prize Tiers

In most of the NC games the prizes are arranged into tiers. Items that are in the lower tiers will be more common, while items in the higher tiers will require more luck to obtain. Of course if you're lucky, it won't take you too many tries to get the prizes you're after. Most of the games have five tiers which are wood, bronze, silver, gold and the bonus prize tier. The wood tier is considered to be the easiest prize tier, and usually contains six items. Another low tier is the bronze tier, which contains five wearables. Silver and gold tier prizes are more difficult and can require extra luck to collect. Generally the silver and gold tiers will contain four prizes. Lastly, the bonus tier is a single item that is classified as the bonus prize for playing the game. The bonus item isn't necessarily challenging to acquire. This is just a generalization for the prize tiers in these games. Some of the games have different tiers and have a different number of items in each. Our guides list the prizes in their tiers, starting with the lowest tier at the top and the highest tier at the bottom of the set.

Current Games

Players are still able to try their luck at these games to obtain exclusive wearable items. The game packs can be purchased from the NC Mall in the Specialty section. Currently the active games are Wonderclaw, Shenanigifts, Grave Danger and Patapult.

Bigbsy Shadingtons Wonderclaw

Bigsby Shadington runs this traditional arcade-style game. Essentially this game is similar to the Claw Crane games found in some stores and arcades. Wonderclaw is the Neopian style animated version, relying on luck. In this game there are different machines available, each with their own themed prizes. There are prize tiers for this game, as well as a bonus item for each machine. This game relies solely on luck. During the game there is no way to tell which prize tier the balls are from, until you claim your prize and find out. It's all completely random!Players can also purchase two different power-ups from the NC Mall to increase their luck. Wonderclaw has even had a Baby Machine, where most of the items available were exclusively wearable on Baby painted pets. Baby pets all over Neopia rejoiced! Having an increased number of clothes available for Baby pets was in high demand, and Wonderclaw delivered.

To view a complete list of prizes available please visit our Wonderclaw complete guide.


Shenanigifts is a newer game which allows Neopia's elite to attend a selection of three parties hosted by Elephantes. Each party, and the gifts available from it, are centered around different themes. Once a party is selected, the Elephantes in attendance are chosen to present their random gifts, with the game ending when you choose a gift to keep. Attendees are able to choose from three different power-ups to increase their choice when choosing a gift. These power-ups are all stackable (refer to our guide for specifics) to allow for maximum choice and prizes. This game doesn't have prize tiers that determine rarity, but the prizes are still random, so attending a party multiple times may still award multiples of the same item. Though not as flashy as some of the other game options, Shenanigifts keeps animations to a minimum, which is great news for Neopians with slower connections!

To view a complete list of prizes available please visit our Shenanigifts complete guide.

Grave Danger

Grave Danger is a new kind of NC Mall game that can be categorized as a daily. After the Spooky Food Eating Contest event, the catacombs below Neovia became a place our petpets could explore on their own. When returning from the catacombs, your petpet brings a NP item, but with additional equipment purchased from the NC Mall, petpets can retrieve a special NC item as well. Petpets that are brave enough to venture into the depths of the catacombs can be outfitted with special equipment before starting their journey. The NC items that your petpet finds are random, so there is a chance of obtaining duplicates if you choose to use the same equipment multiple times. After outfitting your petpet, you will need to wait for them to return after the timer has run out before you can claim your prize. This game is appealing to Neopians who like to take risks and like their prizes to be a surprise. Neopians are not permitted to participate in this daily on side accounts, as NP items are awarded along with NC items. To get any of the prizes on your side accounts, you will need to use gift boxes to send them from your main.

To view a complete list of prizes available please visit our Grave Danger complete guide.


Patapult is a high flying adventure taking place from within the NC Mall! This game is very different from other NC Mall games as it requires a little bit of skill to get to the top prize tier. Along with some skill, luck is also a factor. The game starts by shooting your Patamoose through the Jungle Ruins. Once your Patamoose has been fed with a Patapuff, take aim and launch with your mouse. This game is more of an arcade game that gives out exclusive NC wearables as prizes. This game has four prize tiers, but does not have a bonus item. Additionally, players are unable to select which set of prizes they'd like to choose from, increasing the amount of luck needed to get the desired items. There is also a high risk of duplicates occurring. Patapult may be played on side accounts and inactivated Patapuff Packs can be given to other Neopians using a Gift Box.

For more information on Patapult, and a complete list of prizes available, please visit our Patapult guide.

Retired Games

There is a time when all good things must come to an end! NC Mall Games are no exception to this phenomenon. After a while the novelty wore out and it was time for something new. These games were available for quite some time and were put into retirement to make room for new games. We have complete guides for all these games, including the extras that were given out for them. Why not take a look and see what you may have missed out on. The retired games right now are JubJub Power Bounce, Blumaroll, Castle Nox Corridor of Chance and Secret Meepit 'Stache.

JubJub Power Bounce

JubJub Power Bounce launched its way into the NC Mall in the summer of 2010. JubJub ran a seasonal pinball style arcade game. This game was not always available in the NC Mall, and would only appear for a limited time. New seasonal themed tokens were also released to match the set of items made available. Once the game packed up for the season, tokens were no longer sold in the NC Mall. Old tokens could also be used for newer prize sets. JubJub Power Bounce was different from the other games, as most of the prize sets had quite a selection of items to be won. Previously released prizes were also released again in later prize sets.

When it came time for retirement in spring of 2012, special suitcases were released. each suitcase was specific to each of the prize themes. The suitcases worked similar to mystery capsules. By opening a suitcase, Neopians received at least one item from the prize set, with a chance at being awarded a limited edition item exclusive to the prize set the suitcase belongs to. JubJub Power Bounce fashionably retired on June 3, 2012.

To view a complete list of prizes that were available please visit our Jubjub Power Bounce guide.


Blumaroll bounced on into the NC Mall during spring of 2011. This Roo Island style dice game that periodically rolled in and out of town. Unlike JJPB, the dice packs remained the same throughout the releases. When Blumaroll took a break, the current prize set was retired and the dice packs were no longer available for purchase in the NC Mall. Similar to a casino dice game, players rolled their dice across the game board and are shown which prize tier was displayed. Players were able to choose which item from the tier they'd like as an award. There was also a chance at being awarded the bonus prize regardless of which tier was achieved.

Upon retiring from the NC Mall, Blumaroll Travelling Cases were released to commemorate the game. These cases functioned similar to mystery capsules. The cases contained at least one previously released item with a chance of a limited edition bonus item. On May 5, 2013 Blumaroll bounced out of the NC Mall.

To view a complete list of prizes that were available please visit our Blumaroll guide.

Castle Nox Corridor of Chance

Castle Nox Corridor of Chance made its debut during The Faeries' Ruin plot. This game was available from Nox's Castle in a special room with a machine called the Transfabulator. Even after the plot was over, Corridor of Chance was still available. There were only four sets of prizes released and each set had color coordinating items. In order to get a particular item, such as wings, your active Neopet needed to be wearing wings. The wings could be Neopoint or NeoCash. All that mattered was your pet wearing an item in the wings zone. The Transfabulator could not be used by Unconverted Neopets. There was also a chance of a special effect being added to your Neopet for the following 5 days after using the Transfabulator.

To view a complete list of prizes that were available please visit our Corridor of Chance guide.

Secret Meepit 'Stache

Secret Meepit 'Stache is an unusual machine that fell from the Space Station and landed in the Haunted Woods. Neopians were trusted with aiding the Meepit Overlord's legions to realize their dream of global domination. Plan packs were purchased in the NC Mall to gain access to the Meepit's blueprints, and exclusive prizes. There were three power-ups available to enhance the game. Secret Meepit 'Stache was only around for about a year before retiring, making it the shortest running NC Mall game to date.

When the Meepit Overlord's legion of minions decided to pack up their machine, five special bindles were released in celebration. Each bindle had a chance of awarding one of two limited edition items. The bindles contained at least one random item from the prize set the bindle belongs to. After the bindles retired, the Meepits departed the Haunted Woods.

To view a complete list of prizes available please visit our Secret Meepit 'Stache complete guide.

Written by Mouseykins
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