"I'm not sure if this goes into the AC or the BDC, but I was wondering if I could borrow a SuAP or a BGC, both for BD use and for the avvies. I haven't got a lot of collat, though. I spent it all UB Kad Feeding (550k pure on a MKIC, just now). I'm making some NP back playing NQII and RSing, though."

Holy mother of Sloth. What does all that mean? Buzzing around Neopia are lots of acronyms and terms - and I mean LOTS - that can make the game rather confusing. Compiled below is a comprehensive list of acronyms and terms you will find scattered around Neopia. This page will be added to frequently, so check back often!

So, read on, and next time you talk to somebody on Neopets, you'll sound like a boffin!

TNAATP stands for The Neopian Acronyms And Terms Page, by the way. (Or if you prefer, it's a list of all the abbreviations that you might find around Neopets.)

We realize that this page is very long. Either Find (Control + F) your item, or click on one of the navigational links below to shoot towards your desired category.


AA(er) = Auto-Adopter*
AB(er) = Auto-Buyer*
AS(er) = Auto-Spammer*
CG(er) = Cookie Grabber*
Duped = Duplicated*
FFQ = Fountain Faerie Quest
FQ = Faerie Quest
LE = Limited Edition
MP = Morphing Potion
NF = Neofriends
NF = New Features
NM = Neomail
NOPPY = No Parental Permission Yet
NP = Neopets
NP = Neopoints
NST = Neopian Standard Time
NT = Neopian Times
PB = Paint Brush
PP = PetPet
PPL = Petpet Protection League
PPP = PetPetPet
P3 = PetPetPet
PPPB = PetPet Paint Brush
QAL = Quick Adoption Link
RE = Random Event
SDB = Safety Deposit Box
SHH = Something Has Happened
T&C = Terms and Conditions
TCG = Trading Card Game
TNT = The Neopets Team
Transmog = Transmogrification Potion
TP = Transmogrification Potion
TPOSG = The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy
YBIC = Yes Boy Ice Cream
*indicates freezable offence


BN = Badly-Named
DN = Decently-Named
DUCKs = Draiks/Unconverted/Krawks
MUFA = Maybe up for adoption
MUFT = Maybe up for trade
NMT = Next mont trade
NTY = No Thank You
OTB = Offer to Beat
RB = Royalboy
RG = Royalgirl
RW = Real Word (Named)
UC = Unconverted
UFA = Up for Adoption
UFT = Up for Trade
VWN = Very Well-named
WN = Well-Named


AC = Avatar Chat
AC = Avatar Collector
Av, Avv, Avvie = Avatar
BGC = Bony Grarrl Club
BP = Black Pteri
CS = Clawed Shield
FB = Fire Blumaroo
FFQ = Fountain Faerie Quest
FQD = Faerie Queen Doll
IQ = Island Quiggle
ITTPD = I Taunt The Pant Devil
LTBL = Looking To Be Lent
MR = Mummy Ruki
MSPP = Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG)
OG = Orange Grundo
Quad = Quadrupus
SB = Snowbunny
SF = Space Faerie
SuAP = Super Attack Pea
YBIC = Yes Boy Ice Cream
ZDAP = Zafara Double Agent Plushie


See our full list at the Battlepedia.


AC = Altador Cup
AP = Altador Plot
CG = Cyodrakes Gaze
CoM = Curse of Maraqua
DD = Daily Dare
HWP = Haunted Woods Plot
LDP = Lost Desert Plot
ToW = Tale of Woe


AG = Adventure Generator
BC = Beauty Contest
BTY = Better Than You
DoN = Defenders of Neopia
LC = Lenny Conundrum
NQ = NeoQuest
NQ2 = NeoQuest II
NQII = NeoQuest II
RC = Random Contest
WC = World Challenge
WoE = Wheel of Excitement
WoK = Wheel of Knowledge
WoM = Wheel of Mediocrity
WoM = Wheel of Misfortune
WoM = Wheel of Monotony


BDE = Blue Draik Egg
BEMB = Baby Elephante Milk Bottle
BPP = Blue Pepper Pizza
CF = Congratulations Feeders
GF = 'Grats Feeders
GLF = Good Luck Feeders
GLMF = Good Luck Mini Feeders
GS(S) = Grape Slurship
HN = Had Nothing
Invent = food items kept in inventory specifically for Kad feeding
Kad = Kadoatie
Main = time when most Kads RS
Mewbie = a Kadoatie newbie
Mini = time when a minority of Kads RS
MKIC = Mint Kyrii Ice Cream
Overfeeder = feeder with more than 75 feeds
Pink = feeder who has acheieved 75 feeds
RDE = Red Draik Egg
RS = when Kadoaties ask for more food
SPS = Seafood Pasta Salad
UB = UnBuyable


HoH = Hall of Heroes
HT = Hidden Tower
HW = Haunted Woods
LD = Lost Desert
MI = Mystery Island


AC = Avatar Chat
BDC = Battledome Chat
FTP = First To Post
HC = Help Chat
JWC = Jelly World Chat
STP = Second To Post
TC = Trading Chat


##=Auto = An offer of this amount/item will be accepted without further consideration (automatically)
CaOn = Cash Only
CoH = Cash On Hand
CiB = Cash In Bank
ETS = Easy To Sell
GLS = Good Luck Selling
HB = Haggle Back
HPD = Half Price Day
HTS = Hard To Sell
K = thousand
KK = million
MP = My Price
NFS = Not For Sale
NFT = Not For Trade
NTY = No Thank You
OBO = Or Best Offer
ONO = Or Nearest Offer
Pure = an offer of Neopoints exclusively
R# = Rarity
Reserved = already promised to another player (unless it's you, don't bid!)
RS(er) = Restock(er)
RS(er) = Resell(er)
SSW = Super Shop Wizard
SW = Shop Wizard
TC = Trading Chat
TP = Trading Post
TP = Trading Price
UB = UnBuyable, not buyable on the Shop Wizard


OOC = Out of Character
BIC = Back in Character
PP = Power-playing
GM = God-moding

Written by Eric
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