Battledome Abbreviations

Sometimes, if you stumble across a Battledome related discussion, you might be confused by by some of the abbreviations that are being used by the battledomers! To help you understand this complicated language, we have compiled an index of the most common acronyms.

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Battledome Abbreviations
A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - P - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y
Abbreviations Starting With A
Abbreviation Meaning
AARG Alien Aisha Ray Gun
AAS Alien Aisha Scrambler
AAS Alien Aisha Sceptre
AChucks Asparachucks
ACTS Altador Cup Throwing Star
AFC Air Faerie Crown
AoT Amulet of Thilg
AP Attack Pea
ASP Altador Strength Potion
Abbreviations Starting With B
Abbreviation Meaning
BD Battledome
BD Battle Duck
BDer Battledomer
BDC Battledome Chat
BF Bent Fork
BFC Black Frost Cannon
BGC Bony Grarrl Club
BSS Blue Scorchstone
BLSoWS Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting
BoCG Box of Clockwork Grundos
BoD Bow of Destiny
BoHD Bag of Healing Dust
BoK Bracelet of Kings
BoLHS Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds
BoMS Bottle of Magic Sand
BP Black Pteri
Bzzt Bzzt Blaster
Abbreviations Starting With C
Abbreviation Meaning
CBM Combo Battle Mirror
CBT Crisp Blue Tunic
CE Cursed Elixir
CS Clawed Shield
CBCC Cardboard Baby Cabbage Cannon
CWoS Cloudy Wand of Storms
Abbreviations Starting With D
Abbreviation Meaning
D! Downsize!
DBD Dark Battle Duck
Def Defence
DFC Dark Faerie Collar
DMB Dusty Magic Broom
DoN Defenders of Neopia
DPP Downsize Power Plus
DSA Dull Stone Axe
DSoD Darigan Sword of Death
DTHaC Devious Top Hat and Cane
Abbreviations Starting With E
Abbreviation Meaning
ECA Everlasting Crystal Apple
EKST Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy
ELL Entangling Lenny Lasso
EoDF Eraser of the Dark Faerie
EoE Essence of Esophagor
EWB Enchanted Wooden Bow
Abbreviations Starting With F
Abbreviation Meaning
FaIB Fire and Ice Blade
FBD Fiery Battle Duck
FBP Flaming Blooble Potion
FoLF Flask of Liquid Fire
F-Pot Freezing Potion
F-Ray Fungus Ray
FSS Faerie Slingshot
FTab Faerie Tabard
FWoC Frozen Wand of Crystals
F-Zap Flame Reflectozap
Abbreviations Starting With G
Abbreviation Meaning
G-Bomb Ghostkerbomb
GC Glowing Cauldron
GEB Garoo Elite Blaster
GFD Glittery Faerie Dust
GHR Gelert Healing Remedy
GHS Greater Healing Scroll
GSS Glittery Scorchstone
GSS Green Scorchstone
GoC Golden Compass
GoW Grapes of Wrath
GPA Golden Pirate Amulet
GSH Green Sticky Hand
G-Shield Ghostkershield
G-Staff Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie
G-Sword Ghostkersword
Abbreviations Starting With H
Abbreviation Meaning
H4K H4000 Helmet
HBT Heavy Blue Tunic
HCC Hanso Charisma Charm
HHat Hobans Hat
HoD Halo of Devilpuss
HNMS Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield
HP Health Points
HP Honey Potion
HPB Hubrids Puzzle Box
HRoT Heavy Robe of Thievery
HSD HP + Str + Def
Abbreviations Starting With I
Abbreviation Meaning
IBD Icy Battle Duck
ICG Icy Chia Goggles
IEP Illusens Earth Potion
ISS Illusens Silver Shield
I-Staff Illusens Staff
ILS Iron Lupe Sword
Abbreviations Starting With J
Abbreviation Meaning
JBR Jhudoras Bewitched Ring
JCB Jhudoras Crystal Ball
JJPP Jittery Jipple Pear Potion
JPot Jhudoras Potion
JSS Jade Scorchstone
J-Wand Jhudoras Wand
Abbreviations Starting With K
Abbreviation Meaning
KBT Kelpbeards Trident
K-Flour Kacheek Flour
KHat Kaylas Hat
KLens Kings Lens
KLP Kacheek Life Potion
Abbreviations Starting With L
Abbreviation Meaning
LEV Leaded Elemental Vial
LRGoF Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing
Abbreviations Starting With M
Abbreviation Meaning
MBD Maractite Battle Duck
MClaw Monoceraptors Claw
MH Meerca Henchmen
MM Mud Mixture
MM Melting Mirror
MMoM Magical Marbles of Mystery
MoC Mask of Coltzan
M-Skull Moehog Skull
Abbreviations Starting With N
Abbreviation Meaning
NCB Noxious Carrot Blade
Abbreviations Starting With P
Abbreviation Meaning
PCC Pirate Captains Cutlass
PCH Pirate Captains Hat
P-Cloud Portable Cloud
PFF Psellias Fighting Fan
PHS Porcelain Hair Sticks
P-Kiln Portable Kiln
PLR Pocket Lab Ray
PMH Patched Magic Hat
PoC Potion of Concealment
PoUD Parasol of Unfortunate Demise
PP Pike Pike
PPot Prickly Potion
PSH Purple Sticky Hand
PSS Purple Scorchstone
Abbreviations Starting With R
Abbreviation Meaning
RCG Rainbow Clockwork Grundo
RFFR Randomly Firing Freeze Ray
RFG Rainbow Frost Cannon
RoTL Ring of The Lost
RoDN Rod of Dark Nova
RoSN Rod of Supernova
RoN Rod of Nova
RoW Ring of Weightlessness
RMB Runed Maractite Bow
RPF Rusty Pitchfork
RS Rainbow Scroll
RSB Ramtors Spellbook
RSH Rainbow Sticky Hand
RSS Rainbow Scorchstone, Red Scorchstone
RWR Royal Wedding Ring
RZap2k Reflectozap 2000
Abbreviations Starting With S
Abbreviation Meaning
SAF Sword of the Air Faerie
SAP Seasonal Attack Pea
SC Scuzzys Comb
SF Space Faerie
SGel Sloth Approved Hair Gel
SFG Skeletal Fire Gun
SFP Sroom Fruit Potion
ShoS Shield of Soaring
SS Skarls Sword
SlumPot Slumberberry Potion
SMH Sophies Magic Hat
SoA Sword of Apocalypse
SoAri Sword of Ari
SoL Sword of Lameness
SoPT Shield Of Pion Troect
SoReif Sword of Reif
SoRF Staff of Righteous Fury
SoS Sword of Skardsen
SoTawre Sword of Tawre
SoThare Sword of Thare
SoThigl Sword of Thigl
S-Pot Scroll Potion
S-Ray Sleep Ray
SS ScorchStone
SSoF Slingshot of Fire
SSP Steaming Skeem Potion
SSYT Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic
S-Sword Skarls Sword
SoWL Sword of White Lies
Str Strength
STC Smugglers Treasure Chest
SuAP Super Attack Pea
Abbreviations Starting With T
Abbreviation Meaning
TA Tiki Armour
TBB Tiki Bomb Bag
TDK The Death Knell
TFB Twin Faerie Blades
THC Trusty Hand Cannon
TRing Tornado Ring
TS or TShield Tower Shield
TSB Thick Smoke Bomb
TSoD Toxic Sock of Doom
TTD Triple Turbo Dryer
TTear Thyoras Tear
Abbreviations Starting With U
Abbreviation Meaning
UBG Ultra Bubble Gun
UBoGJ U-bend Of Great Justice
UDR Ultra Dark Reflectorb
UDS Ultra Dual Shovel
Abbreviations Starting With V
Abbreviation Meaning
VHP Velms Healing Potion
VoFO Vial of Fragrant Oil
VPot Voidberry Potion
Abbreviations Starting With W
Abbreviation Meaning
WCN Werelupe Claw Necklace
WoDF Wand of the Dark Faerie
WoR Wand of Reality
WS Winged Scarab
WoTM Wand of The Moon
Abbreviations Starting With Y
Abbreviation Meaning
YBlaster Ylanas Blaster
YGNS Yooyuball Goal Net Shield
YKCG Yooyuball Keepers Chest Guard
YPS Yooyuball Player Sling
YSH Yellow Sticky Hand

Special thanks to Mauro and BlackJaguar for helping to compile this page!

Written by Crimson
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