[Old] Space Faerie Scratch Cards


A benefit of being a Premium Neopets user, is every week you get a free scratch card sent to your e-mail every Friday. Every card is a winner, so you are guaranteed a prize. So why not take advantage of this great feature. There are some things to remember though when dealing with this scratch card.

What to Use

This isn't any ordinary scratch card, this is special. It is not an actual item, like mentioned above it is sent to your e-mail. You click the special link in your e-mail and you will be taken to a page where you can then scratch your scratch card, which will look something like this.

You can scratch the spots by simply clicking and dragging your mouse over the spot in which you wish to scratch. You get 6 tries to get get 3 of a kind. After you get 3 of a kind, it will automatically stop and tell you, you have won. Only the money bags count, so that is your goal. However, this isn't the case if you get a rare one, then other items are legitimate, but as a generalization the space dolls are decoys. Here is what a fully scratched card looks like.

What if I didn't get an E-mail?

Don't worry, this happens sometimes, glitches in Neopets system, or something. You can easily check a complete history of all your scratch cards by clicking on "scratch cards" from your portal toolbar. It looks like this.

From this page of history, you can view all the different statistics of your scratch cards. It will tell you whether or not a card has been scratched. So if that e-mail never did come, just simply check this page, and follow the link it provides to scratch your scratch card every week. Take a look at what the scratch card history page looks like and which link to click to start scratching.


The prizes from the scratch card are sometimes not that great, it is always so much fun to come home on Friday afternoon or evening, check your e-mail, and see a nice fun e-mail with your scratch card in it. Have fun scratchin'.

Interested in trying Premium Neopets? Check out our How to Sign-Up page.

Written by Superfly
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