Wheel of Monotony

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The wheel of Monotony is on the Tyrannian Plateau, right next to the Giant Omelette. This is probably best, because this wheel takes forever to finish! Spin the wheel and you may have to wait for hours, so you can only play once a day. There is no trick to it. The Wheel guard, a rather sleepy Tyrannian Quiggle, has too much time on his hands.

You can spin this wheel for 150 NP and can spin it once a day.

Wheel of Monotony Avatar
How to obtain


Space Prize
Nothing Happens

You will visit the volcano
You win a Tan Codestone
You win a random Tyrannian Weapon
You win the Wheel of Monotony Avatar
You win a Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush
Win a random ticket for the Neopian Lottery
Your active pet will lose half its current HP
You win a Tyrannian Paint Brush
You win 5,000 NP
You win a random Tyrannian Food
You win an exclusive Wheel of Monotony Prize
Nothing Happens

Prior to the launch of the New Faerie Abilities, this space would raise your level in a random ability.
You win a random Red Codestone
You're taken to the Lair of the Beast and have a chance to lose half of your active pet's current HP
You win a random Tyrannian Petpet
You win 20,000 NP

Old Wheel Art

Prior to the Save the Wheels Event, the wheel looked quite different!

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