Wheel of Misfortune

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If you go deep into the Haunted Woods, past Edna's Tower and Thade's Castle, and into the Fairground, back in the left hand corner, behind the (rigged) Bagatelle, you will come across the Wheel of Misfortune. It's creepy. It's evil. It--hey, there's an avatar! *cough* Back on track, this wheel is guarded by a spooky Gelert. The smallest wheel, there are eight things to land on.

You can spin this wheel for 150 NP and can spin it every 2 hours.

How to obtain


Space Prize
Your pet will get a random disease
You win an exclusive Wheel of Misfortune item
You win a random spooky petpet
You lose NP. The wheel can take more than you have on hand, so it's possible to have negative NP on hand after spinning
A random item in your inventory gets turned into a Pile of Sludge

**Currently glitched. No items will be affected**
Your active pet will lose a book from their "Books Read" list, as if they never read it. You can read it to them again to "relearn" it.
You will win a random amount of NP between 1 - 4,000
The Pant Devil will steal a random item from your inventory

Old Wheel Art

Prior to the Save the Wheels Event, the wheel looked quite different!

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