Games Master Challenge '07

Welcome to The Daily Neopets Game Master Challenge headquarters. This is where we will keep track of all the challenges, games, and prizes that AAA gives us during his visit. We will even tell you what his secret games are - so all you have to do is just go play the game. How simple is that! So for all your Games Master Challenge needs remember to stop by this page first. ;)

Day One

Challenges How to Complete Prize(s)
Send Scores Challenge
Strolling Through Neopia Central
Send your score in one Qualifying Flash Game .
Game Challenge
Just Experimenting..
Cook up a score of 350 in Korbat's Lab (guide).
Korbat Calculus
Theme Challenge
* Score 125 in Itchy Invasion .
* Score 150 in Cooty Wars .

Wind Up Cooty
Random Challenge
Throw Down the Gauntlet
Send one Flash Game Challenge to a friend.
Scientific Flash Cards
Secret Game Challenge
Don't Eat Your Neggs Before They're Caught
Send a score of 150 in Meerca Chase II (guide).
Buttered Negg Waffle

Day Two

Challenges How to Complete Prize(s)
Send Scores Challenge
Picking Your Own in Meridell
Send a score in five different Qualifying Flash Games .
Braku Berry Juice
Game Challenge
Round Up the Usul Suspects!
rack down a score of 100 in The Usul Suspects .
Strawberry Usul Shake
Theme Challenge
The Sporting Life
* Score 300 in Tyrannian Mini Golf .
* Score 200 in Wingoball (guide).
* Score 50 in Tug 'O' War .

Robotic Golf Club
Random Challenge
These Are a Few of my Favourite Games
Add three Qualifying Flash Games to your list of Favourites .
Fun Games
Secret Game Challenge
Scared of Your Own Shadow, Eh?
Send a score of 200 in Edna's Shadow .

Day Three

Challenges How to Complete Prize(s)
Send Scores Challenge
Surfing the Rapids of Shenkuu
Send a score in fifteen different Qualifying Flash Games .
River Wave Breeze
Game Challenge
Swim For It!

If you are NOT a US resident, your Challenge is
Double, Double...
Navigate through the water to reach a score of 150 in Sony's The Water Horse: Crusoe Cruiser !

Score 100 in Sophie's Stew (guide).

Black Meowclops Backpack
Theme Challenge
This Challenge Does Not Exist
* Score 400 in Jelly Blobs of Doom (guide).
* Score 300 in Bouncy Supreme (guide).
* Score 250 in Attack of the Gummy Dice .
Random Challenge
Exploring in the Games Room
You might need the help of Jake the Explorer to find a word that will yield 10 or more search results. Or you could just use the Games Room search!
Type 'and' 'pet' 'petpet' 'ice' 'snow' 'card' 'neo' or 'ball' in the games room search bar.

Kiko Explorer Plushie
Secret Game Challenge
Pop! Goes the Secret Challenge
You'll have to burst a few bubbles to earn a score of 400 in Faerie Bubbles (guide).
Delicious Faerie Bubbles

Day Four

Challenges How to Complete Prize(s)
Send Scores Challenge
Tube-Racing on Kiko Lake
Send a score in thirty different Qualifying Flash Games .
Kiko Fudge Sundae
Game Challenge
It's a Witch('s Brother) Hunt!
Search deep in the woods for a score of 350 on Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway (guide).
Potion Shelves
Theme Challenge
Please Don't Cuddle This Challenge
* Score 300 in Petpetsitter (guide).
* Score 50 in Petpet Cannonball (guide).
* Score 80 in Feed Florg (guide).
* Score 50 in Snowbeast Snackrifice (guide).
Random Challenge
A Fistful of Flash Challenges
Test the gaming skills of five more of your friends by sending them Flash Challenges .
Darigan Playing Cards
Secret Game Challenge
Flip Those Blocks!
Score 800 + in Goparokko .
Goparokko Staff Plushie

Day Five

Challenges How to Complete Prize(s)
Send Scores Challenge
Getting Lost in the Haunted Woods at Night
Send a score in forty-five different Qualifying Flash Games .
Tongue Wrap
Game Challenge
If You Can't Take the Heat...
Keep a cool head to score 300 in Volcano Run II (guide).
Chokato Volcano
Theme Challenge
Don't Get Cold Feet!
* Score 700 in Snowmuncher
* Score 1200 in Ice Cream Machine (guide).
* Score 125 in Snow Wars II (guide).
* Score 175 in Snowball Fight (guide).
Random Challenge
The Numbers Game
View the High Scores Table for 20 different Qualifying Flash Games .
Maths Blocks
Secret Game Challenge
It's a Juggling Act
Score 100+ in Jully Jugglers (guide).
All About Juggling

Day Six

Challenges How to Complete Prize(s)
Send Scores Challenge
Climbing Terror Mountain During a Blizzard
Send a score in sixty different Qualifying Flash Games .
Mighty Melon Ice Lolly
Game Challenge
Workin' in the Workshop

If you do NOT live in the US, your challenge is....
Merrily You Roll Along
Dig through Santa's bag of toys to come up with a score of 1000 in Wal*Mart: Santa's Sleigh !

Get a score of 300 in Turmac Roll (guide).

Turmaculus Stamp
Theme Challenge
Report This Challenge to the Defenders of Neopia
* Score 250 in Trouble at the National Neopian (guide).
* Score 250 in Attack of the Revenge (guide).
* Score 400 in Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars (guide).
* Score 150 in The Great Qasalan Caper (guide).
Random Challenge
If You Can't Say Anything Nice
Submit feedback with a score of 10 for any Qualifying Flash Game .
To send feedback, click on this icon at the bottom of the screen.

Secret Game Challenge
Mop 'n' Glower
Score 300+ in Mop 'n' Bop
Stagnant Puddle of Water

Day Seven

Challenges How to Complete Prize(s)
Send Scores Challenge
Walking Along the Edge of Techo Mountain Barefoot
Send a score on seventy-five different Qualifying Flash Games .
Decorated Fruit Basket
Game Challenge
Aim for the Skies
Grapple your way to a score of 125 in Shenkuu Warrior .
Split Lenny Morphing Potion
Theme Challenge
Demolition Derby
* Score 650 in Whack-A-Staff-Member (guide).
* Score 400 in Whack-A-Kass (guide).
* Score 1000 in Destruct-O-Match II (guide).
* Score 150 in Whack-A-Ghost .
* Score 150 in Ugga Smash .
Random Challenge
It's All About You
Choose three Qualifying Flash Games from your Favourite Games list and send in scores!
Outdoor Hoop Game
Secret Game Challenge
Unlocking the Secrets of the Lost Desert
Score 1000+ in Sutek's Tomb (guide).
Suteks Riches Scratchcard


Depending on the amount of challenges you complete you will be awarded a trophy, here is the break down.

Trophy How to Achieve
Complete 1
Complete 5 challenges.
Complete 10 challenges.
Complete 15 challenges.
Complete 20 challenges.
Complete 25 challenges.
Complete 30 challenges.
Complete 35 challenges.
Written by Xepha
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