Giant Omelette

In Tyrannia, there stands an enormous beast; not of flesh and blood, but of egg and milk. This great brute, known to most as The Giant Omelette, has the magical ability to provide every Neopian with a free slice of omelette once a day. What's more, each slice gives three portions, so it's a fantastic source of food for your Neopets.

To visit the Giant Omelette, on the Tyrannian Plateau, just click here or click on it on the map in Tyrannia .

The Omelettes

Here's a list of all the omelettes that you can get!

Rotten Omelette

Rotten Omelette
Rotten Omelette
While it looks like the Cheese Omelette, do not be fooled: never feed your pet this old, rotten piece of food.

Feeding this item to your pet will give it the disease Ugga Ugga, which has a cure of 5,000 Neopoints. Of course, you may get lucky at the Healing Springs, but still: it's not worth it, is it?!

In addition, this omelette will disappear in one bite. Really, don't eat this.

Three Bites

With every omelette, exluding the Magical Tom/Pep, you can get three feeds from it. Unlike most foods, this gives two added portions from the first bite. Each part is a different item.

Plain Omelette2/3 Plain Omelette1/3 Plain Omelette

Other Omelettes

There are some other omelettes that aren't obtainable from the Giant Omelette, but can be found in other places around Neopia. The Black Cherry Jelly Omelette restocks in Jelly Foods , Omelette of the Faeries can be found at Faerie Foods , the Tyrannian Everything Omelette restocks (rarely) at Tyrannian Food , the Pepper Omelette Swiss Rol restocks at the Bakery and the Lemon Omelette can be made at the Cooking Pot by mixing a Lemwart and aCracked Keno Egg. Like the Magical Tomato and Pepper Omelette, these will be gone in one bite.

Special Omelettes

Turkey and Cranberry Omelette

Turkey and Cranberry Omelette
Turkey and Cranberry Omelette
This omelette was given out as an Advent Calendar prize in Y4 and has since been retired. Though it looks like the one-bite omelettes, this fancy breakfast food actually takes three bites to finish, probably because of all the cranberries!

Magical Tomato and Pepper Omelette

Magical Tomato and Pepper Omelette
Magical Tomato and Pepper Omelette
The magical version of the Tomato and Pepper Omelette is rather deceiving, it does not come from the Giant Omelette, but was an exclusive prize from Better Than You. There's nothing particularly magical about it at all, apart from the fact that instead of letting you bite from it three times, it's gone in one bite. It's worth nearly 100,000 NP, and is hard-to-find, so don't feed it to your pet! ;)

Oh no!

Occasionally, the omelette will disappear. At that time, Tonu are released and can be created here . The residents of Tyrannia rely on it to feed on, but usually the egg will fry under the sun into a new omelette within a matter of hours, so don't worry about Sabre-X ;)

Usually you can find the cheapest omelettes for around 15NP only on the Shop Wizard, in case it's gone. You can always purchase as much omelette as you desire, but you may only go once per day to the Giant Omelette itself.

Tyrannian Lupe
Written by Samuel
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