Gourmet Food

What is Gourmet Food?

Gourmet food is any food item that has a rarity between 90 and 100 (you can find more information on item rarity HERE). Only foods between these numbers count as "gourmet", anything above 100 or below 90 isn't a gourmet food. These foods cover and broad range of items and can come from any of the many food shops on Neopets.

Gourmet food prices range from a few neopoints to upwards of 20 million, but they do tend to be on the expensive side.

About the Gourmet Club

'For refined palates only, if you please.'

Feeding your pet one of the gourmet food items automatically enters them into the Gourmet Club . For each food that your pet eats they will receive one point. Points only count to the pet who actually eats the food, so if you are interested in scoring points for the Gourmet Club it is best to pick one pet to feed to.

There is no time limit to feeding your pet, points can be accumulated over months and even years. However, each unique food only counts as one point. You can't build up your score by feeding your pet tons on a single inexpensive food.

In addition, only food items of the appropriate rarities count toward the Gourmet Club. If you have a Skeith, Grarrl or Jetsam who can eat things other than food other items that fit the rarity requirement will not count toward your points.

Gourmet Club Trophies

Gold Gourmet TrophySilver Gourmet TrophyBronze Gourmet Trophy

Like many games and activities on Neopets the Gourmet Club has a hi-score table, called the Gourmet Club Hall of Fame. This is a listing of the Neopets who have eaten the most gourmet foods & have the most Gourmet points. The top 17 pets get a trophy that appears on their pet lookup. The top 3 pets get a gold trophy, pets in places 4-8 get a silver trophy, and pets in places 9-17 get a bronze trophy. These trophies appear under the pet's picture and info but above the description on their lookup.

Honorary Member Gourmet Trophy

In addition to trophies for the top 17 pets, there is also an "Honorary Member" trophy that you earn for making it into the top 200 pets without making it into the top 17.

Once you've earned a trophy in the Gourmet Club it can never be taken away, even if you drop out of the top 17 or the top 200. It will always appear on your pet's lookup.

The Gourmet Club and You

If you decide that you want to try earning gourmet points to make it into the hall of fame there are a few things you need to know.

By visiting the Gourment Club page you can see what how many points your active pet has and what foods they have eaten by clicking the link. To see another one of your pets score, go to your quickref page and change your active pet then return to the Gourmet Club.

When you visit your pets food list you will be able to see which items they have eaten, but you will see an image only. If you want to compete for the hall of fame it is a good idea of keep a written record of the items you have fed your pet. This is especially important in the case where one or more items may share the same image, such as the 4 Pinanna items or the Water and Deluxe Water Pizza.

Gourmet feeding can sometimes be a slow tedious process. Even if you have items to feed your pet there is only so much they can eat before they become bloated and refuse to eat anymore. One of the most common strategies to use is to wait until your pet is dying then feed them once every hour or two so that they stay hungry. Remember, you can't feed pets that are being housed in the Neolodge, so if you use the lodge to keep your pet happy you will have to remove your gourmet pet from the lodge in order to feed them.

Finally, gourmet food, more often than not, tends to be expensive. If you want to participate in the Gourmet Club to the point where you make it to the hall of fame you'll need to have lots of disposable neopoints to pay for food. Below we've included a guide to get you started with some of the less-expensive gourmet items.

Gourmet Feeding on a Budget

All of the foods on this list fall within the 90-100 rarity range and will each earn you one gourmet point. You may be surprised to discover you've already unknowingly fed your pet one or two of these. For the purpose of this guide "inexpensive" food is going to be any food with an average price of 1,000 NP or less.

Inexpensive Gourmet Foods

Keep in mind this list will change as site events will change the price of many gourmet items. We will do our very best to keep this list accurate, but check back on occasion for new items!

This is just a very general list to get you started. There are well over 1,000 different gourmet food items on Neopets!

Draik Eggs as Food

Yep, even the elusive draik egg is not safe from a serious gourmet feeder. All colors of draik eggs fall within the 90-100 rarity range, and since they are technically food they count as gourmet food.

Please don't eat me!

These eggs, which sell at Merifoods , hatch into the super-rare draik pet, so many users would be hesitant to throw one away by feeding it to their pet. However, it has been done and each egg will earn you one gourmet point.

Magical Chia Pops

Also noteworthy, magical chia pops also fall within the 90-100 rarity range. If your pet is a chia feeding them one of these pops it will change it into a fruit or veggie chia. This only works on chia's however, and you can feed them to any other pet without harm. For more information about how magical chia pops work, check out this guide.


In conclusion, gourmet food is generally expensive and getting into the hall of fame is a difficult endeavor, with the only reward being a well-fed pet and a small trophy on their lookup. However, if it's something that interests you, by all means feed your pets well. As the dear quiggle waiter would say, "GET CHUFFING"!

Written by nbbug132
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