Esophagor's Quests

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The Quest

If you've got an excess of spooky foods in your SDB, then the Esophagor's Quests are perfect for you! The Esophagor's favorite foods are sold at the Spooky Food shop and just about everything he will ask you for can be found there, from Ghostkersandwiches to Almost Gummy Rats! Luckily, many of the foods you can buy there are fairly cheap and let you turn a nice profit after helping the Esophagor. However, if the items aren't cheap, they're very expensive - there are few items in between. This makes it easy to decide whether to do the quests (Cheap = Do, Expensive = Don't Do).

Each Esophagor Quest also has a time limit, but it's usually in the 2-3 hour range which is plenty of time to decide whether you want to do the quest and purchase the items that you need. There is also a ten quest limit per day; the Esophagor has to take SOME breaks.

Brain Tree Quests

The Esophagor also plays a big part in the Brain Tree Quests (check out our guide here). The Esophagor is the only place you can get answers to the Brain Tree's questions. If you are on a Brain Tree quest and complete one of the Esophagor's quests, you will get one answer to give to the Brain Tree along with your prizes for completing the quest. But remember you need TWO answers for the Brain Tree, and that means that you're going to have to do two quests for the Esophagor. Everything else you need to know about the Brain Tree can be found in our Brain Tree guide.

Bonus Item

Completing a quest each from the Brain Tree, Esophagor, and Edna all in the same day will award a bonus prize. The bonus can only be obtained once. You will not get additional prizes for doing the three quests in the same day again.

Bonus Prize: Tales of the Esophagor
Written by Ryan
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