Brain Tree Quests

Brain Tree

The Quest

A lone tree stands in the Haunted Woods, a smart tree, the only smart tree, and he only wants to gain more knowledge. If you stumble upon him and decide to accept his quest, it might just be worth your while.

Once you accept the Brain Tree's quest, you will be asked to find when and where some one died and will only have an hour or so to find it out. But how do you go about doing this? Well, you must run off to the Esophagor (check out our guide here) and complete two quests for him. The first quest will give you the place of death and the second quest will give you the year (or vice versa).

One helpful tip before accepting a quest from the Brain Tree is to go the Esophagor first. If the quest is cheap, then run back to the Brain Tree, accept the quest, and then go feed the Esophagor to get the first answer that you need.

When you complete the quests for the Esophagor, be sure to write down, or copy and paste the answer exactly how the Esophagor tells you it. If you've done it right, the Brain Tree will accept your answer and reward you with himself as a battledome challenger (first completed quest only), some neopoints (less than 5000 usually), and a random item.


In 2018, an avatar was released for earning a spot in the top 50 on the high scores table. Your score is determined by the amount of Neopoints the Brain Tree gives you after completing a quest, so a lot of luck is involved in achieving this avatar.

The high score table resets each day. Click here to see if you made the Top 50 and earned yourself a new avatar!

Bonus Item

Completing a quest from the Brain Tree, Esophagor, and Edna the Witch all in the same day will award a bonus prize. The bonus can only be obtained once.

You will not get additional prizes for doing the three quests in the same day again.

Written by Ryan
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