Aboard the Coincidence Daily


Random Events have been returned to their normal state of randomness with the conclusion of the Aboard the Coincidence Event, but Dr Landelbrot still needs help keeping his Random Events machine running smoothly. You can help by completing a daily quest to retrieve items the Doctor needs to repair his machine.

Completing Quests

You can retrieve your quest once a day by visiting Dr. Landelbrot aboard his spaceship , the Coincidence. Once you've accepted a quest, Landelbrot will ask you for between 1-3 of 3 different items. All of the items will come from the various Dailies around Neopets.

After you've collected all the items you must return to the Coincidence and hand them over to Dr. Landelbrot. The doctor will then give you a chance to test his Random Events machine. However, be warned, not all of the possible outcomes for testing the machine are good things. Right now, all Random Events appear to be fair game, including events that decrease pets stats and cause you to lose NP/items.

You can only complete a quest once per Neopets Day. Once you've tested the machine a counter appears on the page, counting down to midnight NST, when the task resets. If you fail to complete your task in one day, don't fear! There is no time limit for completing quests.

If you can't afford required items to complete your quest you can abandon it. Cancelling a quest will deny your rights to start a new quest until the next day.

If you take more than a day to complete a quest Dr. Landelbrot will automatically give you a new one upon completion, without the usual wait for the next Neopets day.


The following types of events are known outcomes for testing the Random Event Machine:

  • Random avatar not in your collection is granted. (Currently deactivated.)
  • 1-10 point stat increase to your active pet.
  • 1-3 point stat decrease to your active pet.
  • Random item from your inventory disappears.
  • You find up to 25,000 NP.
  • You lose up to 800 NP.
  • You find a random robot petpet.
  • You find a random TCG card.
  • You find a random Petpetpet.
  • You receive Five lottery tickets.
  • Nothing happens.




TCG Cards


The Coincidence daily might be a little frustrating, and, much like the Lab Ray, there is an element of risk involved. However, it has the possibility of a good payout. Keep an eye on junk item prices and updates to the Coincidence.

Written by nbbug132
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