Random Events

NOTE: This page contains images of the old Random Events. They changed when Neopets changed ownership in 2014, though many run on the same general principle. This is just for historical purposes.

General Information

Random events can happen anywhere on the Neopets site when you load a page. They can be good, bad, or completely pointless. Random events can give you items, take items, give you neopoints, take neopoints, affect your pet, and more! Here is a list of the "types" of random events:


Some random events involve you earning neopoints one way or another. Here is one of the most common ones. You can earn neopoints in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 750, 1000, and 5000 for this type of neopoint random event.

You can also lose neopoints in random events. The most common type is the one pictured below. You can also lose neopoints from "taxes". Taxes are a percentage (10, 15, or 20 percent) of the current neopoints you have on hand. These random events are potentially "dangerous". If it's an event that takes a specific amount, like the ghosts, it will deduct the neopoints regardless if you have enough or not, sometimes leaving you with a negative amount on hand. When you ern back/withdraw the negative amount, you will go back to 0 NP on hand.


Random events can also yield items. These include codestones, map pieces, food, clothing, petpetpets, and many other types. This is probably the most common type of random event aside from the pointless ones. A few of them are shown below:

However, random events can take just as much as they give. There are a couple different random events which involve you losing a random item in your Inventory. Put your items in your Safety Deposit Box to avoid this.


Sometimes, you will get an event that resets your gameplays on a certain game for the day. It will be a game you have already played 3 times and lets you play an additional 3 plays!

Recurring Characters

Some random events feature the same Neopian character. For instance, the Ghost Lupe can say something totally pointless (and he has many different possible phrases), or he can heal all your pets' HP:

The Tooth Faerie is another "recurring character" in random events. She can either give you a varying amount of neopoints or her avatar. On a side note, there is a similar random event that gives you the Sloth avatar.

Neopet Affecting Events

Many random events can affect your neopet. Usually it applies only to your active neopet, though. For instance, your pet can get sick, grow stronger, level up, or even change color! Here is an example of an event that changes your active neopet to a random color and one that could have turned your pet Baby:

Miscellaneous & Pointless Random Events

Some random events can't really be sorted into groups. For instance, a couple random events cause you to go to another page, such as the last page you visited (essentially the same thing as clicking the Back button on your browser). The one pictured below brings you to Faerieland after a few seconds:

Other random events can affect the webpage itself. For example, it can "rain Mortogs" or there can be an "earthquake" on the page you get the random event on. There are random events that are even more pointless than these. Most of them involve a neopet saying something irrelevant to anything. Here are a couple examples of totally pointless ones:

Like I said before, random events can be either helpful or harmful. Many random events you get will probably be pointless, but you always have to be prepared for the bad ones. Don't always have too many neopoints on hand, put valuable items in your SDB, and don't have a neopet with an expensive color as your active. Also, if you're annoyed by the totally pointless ones, just remember this: They're called random events for a reason.

Written by Ian
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