Brucey B and the Lucky Coin

Previous Neopets Plots: Brucey B and the Lucky Coin

June 12 2001 - July 10 2001


Brucey B, a famous Cheat! player with a super lucky coin that helps him win every single game and all the prize money. After winning the biggest tournament he ever entered, he returned to his neohome intending to have a good sleep and celebrate the next day when he found a note lying on the floor inviting him to a private game of Cheat. He decided to go and the game lasted for hours. Finally, only Brucey and a mysterious Jetsam were left and Brucey who's luck seemed to have run out, had barely any money left and so made a deal with the Jetsam. The Jetsam bet all his money and Brucey bet his lucky coin, winner takes all. Of course, this whole game had been a trick to get Brucey's lucky coin, Brucey hadn't really run out of luck, the Jetsam had just cheated, and of course, it was impossible for Brucey to win and so he lost his lucky coin.

Knowing that he had been cheated, Brucey and his friends Capara and Princess Fernypoo decide to find that mysterious Jetsam and get his lucky coin back. So the group sets out in search of anyone who might know where they can find the Jetsam and their trail eventually leads them to the Brain Tree who sends them through the Haunted Woods and into the Lost Desert (currently undiscovered) on their quest to find the Jetsam.

Meanwhile, the Jetsam who had stolen Brucey's coin met up with his employer, none other than the evil Dr. Sloth. They then jumped into Dr. Sloth's ship, armed to the teeth with his army of Mutant Grundos and made their way to the Lost Desert and the Great Pyramid to retrieve what Sloth thought was "rightfully his". Oddly enough, Sloth cannot seem to get into the pyramid, he even orders his army to launch a huge attack on the doors, but still can't get in until he throws the coin at the door and unknowingly gets it into a hidden key slot, letting him into the pyramid.

Brucey and his friends had finally found Sakhmet City and after asking around, found the Jetsam, Dr. Sloth, and the Grundo Army at the Great Pyramid and sat wondering what on earth they were up to. They then saw the group enter they pyramid and decided to follow behind quietly. Dr. Sloth and his group made their way through the maze of paths in the pyramid until they came upon a room filled with treasure. Inside, Dr. Sloth found a very powerful magic staff that he would later use to turn neopets into mutants and cause mayhem everywhere. Unfortunately, Dr. Sloth noticed Brucey and his friends and turned Capara and Fernypoo into petpets as he made his way out of the pyramid. With all the treasure stored safely in his ship, Dr. Sloth and his army moved in towards Sahkmet in order to destroy it and turn all its residents into mutants.

Once Brucey got to Sahkmet, he found the city gates blasted open and Dr. Sloth well into his task of causing mayhem everywhere. Brucey, inspired by a Grarrl shopkeeper, sends a plea to all of Neopia, begging for help to defeat Dr. Sloth's army. This is when players finally got to participate. The battle was long and hard, but eventually, Dr. Sloth found himself fighting a losing battle and so summoned one of the most powerful creatures he could, the Rock Beast. A beast so powerful, it could regenerate itself when it was defeated, yet (oddly enough) it was and Dr. Sloth was about to summon another when Brucey, being the hero that he is, sneaks up on Sloth and smashes his staff, reversing all his spells and saving Sahkmet. Unfortunately, Dr. Sloth flees in his ship and gets away, vowing for revenge on Brucey. Typical ending.


There were only five battledome challengers, but each could be fought as many times as you wanted. Unfortunately, there aren't many details about the opponents.


Depending on the amount of successful battles they achieved, the participants in this event received a different trophy corresponding to their rank. On userlookups, these trophies are accompanied with the amount of points that was earned by the participant.

Helper and Skirmisher
Helper / Skirmisher
Written by Ryan
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