Hannah and the Ice Caves

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October 21 2004 - December 22 2004


Deep in the depths of the Thieves Guild, there is rumor of a large gem called the Heart of the Mountain buried deep within Terror Mountain. Galem, the leader of the Thieves Guild, sends his most able thieves to retrieve the key to the chamber holding the gem and awaits their return in one month. Kanrik, one of Galem's best thieves was sent to find Hannah, a heroic Usul, and trick her into helping him find the key to the gem. He tells her that his village is in trouble and he her to help him find a cure.

Hannah leads Kanrik to a tomb in the Lost Desert where she helps him translate the clue to the location of the gem, but after dodging many booby traps in the tomb, she is left, by Kanrik, to die after falling off a cliff. Luckily, Hannah survives the fall and manages to climb back up the cliff to safety. After examining the room in more detail, she discovers a small gem and then sets off to Terror Mountain, where Kanrik was headed.

On Terror Mountain, Taelia the Snow Faerie finds a lost traveler out in a roaring snowstorm and decides to let him in and help him, but before she can, another one of Galem's thieves jumps up and starts causing mayhem throughout her house, finding Taelia's wand and freezing her before escaping out the window. Across the mountain, Hannah, collapses into the snow and is rescued by Armin, the Bori, who takes her to a cave and tells her the story of how his people were attacked and had to hide within the mountain, the Heart of the Mountain gem keeping them alive.

At the base of Terror Mountain, Kanrik unknowingly releases The Bringer of Night, a ferocious Beast that then begins attacking everyone, even the thieves. Kanrik is banished from the Thieves Guild and joins Hannah and Armen, warning them of the dangers caused by the theives. Now Armin, Hannah, Kanrik, and the Boris inside the mountain must defend the Heart of the Mountain from Galem's evil theives.


There were two waves of battledome opponents in this plot. The first when Hannah, Kanrik, and the Bori's were attacked by Snow Beasts on Terror Mountain and the Thieves Guild was attacked by The Bringer's summoned monsters. The second was when the two sides finally confronted each other and it was Hannah, Kanrik, and the Boris against the Thieves Guild. Also, The Bringer's monsters were available to fight throughout the second part.


Everyone who participated in the plot got a trophy. The one you got depended on how many points you recieved by beating various battledome opponents. See the list below for all the trophies.

Hannah Supporter Thief Supporter
Trophy Points Needed Trophy Points Needed
Explorer 1-4 pts
Wanderer 5-9 pts
Venturer 10-19 pts
Pickpocket 1-4 pts
Apprentice Thief 5-9 pts
Swindler 10-19 pts
Pathfinder 20-49 pts
Expeditionist 50-99 pts
Pilferer 20-49 pts
Scoundrel 50-99 pts
Wayfarer 100-199 pts
Voyager 200-499 pts
Bandit 100-199 pts
Plunderer 200-499 pts
Adventurer 500-999 pts
Opportunist 1000-1999 pts
Footpad 500-999 pts
Blackguard 1000-1999 pts
Navigator 2000-4999 pts
Pioneer 5000-9999 pts
Rogue 2000-4999 pts
Infiltrator 5000-9999 pts
Daredevil 10000-19999 pts
Master Explorer 20000-49999 pts
Brigand 10000-19999 pts
Master Thief 20000-49999 pts
Master Explorer 50000+ pts Master Thief 50000+ pts
Oh I wish I was an Oscar Me...
Written by Ryan
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