Green Jelly Plot

June 12, 2003 - June 23, 2003

If you happened to be travelling in a world of questionable existence, also known as Jelly World , you may come across a giant piece of Green Jelly that seems to have been eaten or destroyed or something. The Jelly used to stand tall and proud, until the trouble started. First, petpets started to disappear and Neopians, not knowing where they were conducted an emergency search. The news for June 12th said:

NEWS JUST IN - Many Neopets have been complaining that their Petpets have been going missing. We don't know why this is, and will attempt to find the source of this problem as soon as we can."

Four days later and the petpets were still not found, Neopets everywhere were wondering if they would ever see their beloved petpets again. Then, another news post is found:

PETPETS VANISHING - Apparently more and more petpets have gone missing... we still have no explanation. We think we know who is behind it, but there could be no way.. he was defeated years ago..."

Could it really be Dr. Sloth again? This left Neopets even more worried than before, who knew what Dr. Sloth could be doing... Then, just as things were looking their worst, the petpets reappeared and this message appeared in the news:

Wow - it seems all the petpets that were missing have returned to their owners. I wonder where they went... it's a shame that they can't talk :( One thing is for sure, they all seem VERY happy!

Phew, the petpets were safe, Neopians everywhere breathed a sigh of relief, but were did all the petpets disappear to? They seem to be fine, maybe a bit heavier, but fine overall. It looks like they have been eating jelly, but theres only one place where there is enough jelly to feed all those petpets for that long...

I don't exist ;)

Wow, would you just look at all the petpets; there are even some petpets that weren't released at the time! Alas, it doesn't seem like this will ever happen again, the jelly has almost all been eaten and the bits that are left probably don't taste too good after this many years. Oh well, it must have been fun for the petpets, while it lasted.

Told ya :)
Written by Ryan
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