Champions of Meridell

Previous Neopets Plots: Champions of Meridell

July 23 2002 - April 28 2003


One day, Lisha, a young Aisha was with her friends exploring the ruins of an old castle. While they were exploring, they fell into a portal that transports them back in time to the old Meridell castle. They are immediately found by guards and just before being thrown into the dungeon, they are attacked by three Darigan pets. Lisha and her friends amazingly defeat the intruders and are granted an audience with King Skarl.

After telling Skarl their story, King Skarl tells them why the Darigan pets are attacking the castle. Inside the castle, there is an orb that keeps Meridell the prosperous land it is today. Unfortunately, it once belonged to Lord Darigan and was stolen from him many many years ago. Now his is returning for what is rightfully his. The Darigan Citadel slowly floats over Meridell and the attack begins.

After the battle was over, Darigan came out victorious. Although his soldiers and people were defeated and starving, he had the orb and that was all he needed. Thinking of all the power he had, he decided to start causing mayhem straight away. He destroyed parts of Meridell and eventually decided to use the orb on himself, turning him into the Spectre of Lord Darigan and making him even more powerful. By now, the Darigan people had noticed what was going on and together with the Meridell army managed to defeat Lord Darigan and send him far away. The orb was returned to Meridell Castle and Meridell lived in peace for the rest of its days... or did it?


During this war, you had the option to fight for either Darigan or Meridell. Each side was basically evenly matched and the outcome depended on user involvement. You could fight each opponent as many times as you wanted and still get points. Note: The Spectre of Lord Darigan was able to be fought by every user.

To view information about these previous challengers, go to our Battlepedia.


Anyone that got at least one point in the war got themselves a trophy. They got increasingly fancier the more points you had.

Meridell Supporters

Meridell Peasant
Meridell Serf
Meridell Squire
Meridell Herald

Meridell Man-at-Arms
Meridell Apprentice
Meridell Journeyman
Meridell Defender

Meridell Defender
Meridell Warrior
Meridell Knight

Meridell Champion
Meridell Baron

Meridell Baron
Meridell Hero

Meridell Lord

Darigan Supporters

Darigan Apprentice
Darigan Adept
Darigan Acolyte
Darigan Follower

Darigan Faithful
Darigan Retriever
Darigan Defender

Darigan Battlemaster
Darigan Commander
Darigan Darkbringer

Darigan Dark Knight
Darigan Baron

Darigan Baron
Darigan Dark Hero

Darigan Dark Lord

Plot Prizes

There were many different prizes that you could have received from participating in the war. They are listed below.

Written by Ryan
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