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Gormball is nothing spectacular and Frumball is a good way to kill time, but neither is that entertaining. Zurroball, however, is an entirely different beast. With all the types of balls to choose from and the huge amounts of clicking required, you'll be entertained and enthralled from beginning to end.

Controls & Instructions

All you need to play is a mouse. A trackpad is much harder to use since you'll need quick, precise clicks. You click the ball with the left mouse button to bounce it up and away from the floor. If it hits the floor, you lose a life. You only have three, so make them count!

There are six different balls in all, each with its own characteristics. The key to choosing the right ball is to pick the one that suits you best (unless you're trying for grounders, a strategy we'll get to later). The only way to tell which ball suits you best is to try them all.

Zurroball - The classic. It's fairly big and hefty compared to some of the others. Since it's the basic one, it's more favored for regular use. Unless you're trying to score big points with a fancy trick, use this one.
Snot Ball - It's quite disgusting, but also quite bouncy! If you're trying to do an "Around the world" trick, this would be a good one to use. It's smaller than the regular Zurroball, so try and use it far from the ground in case you miss it with the first click.
Metal Ball - As its name suggests, it's heavy and does not bounce a lot when clicked. Don't expect to do any tricks apart from "Left Zurro" and "Right Zurro". Click fast - this ball is easy to drop since it doesn't bounce up much.
Energy Ball - This one has lots of bounce, so it's easier to do more tricks and get past the top sensor to get your running total added. However, as the ball in the middle is small, it's harder to click.
Eye Ball - The creepiest ball to use. It's similar to the original Zurroball in weight and size. However, this one is much bouncier and so it's easier to lose control. If it hits a wall, you're likely to lose it.
Grundo Ball - To use this, click on the "N" badge on the spinning Grundo's space suit. It's very similar to the Zurroball in reaction. But, although it doesn't look like it, it is in fact a ball shape. Be careful not to click it around the arms or legs, as those won't count and it'll drop instead. However, it's great for grounders!

Once you've chosen a ball, the next step is earning points. You earn points by performing tricks. Every click is a trick.

There are many tricks you can do to earn points. A standard bounce is called "Freestyle" and is worth one point. More complicated tricks result in more points:

Name Points Description
Left Zurro 2 Bounce the ball off of the left hand side wall. Very easy.
Right Zurro 2 Bounce the ball off of the right hand side wall. Very easy.
Boomerang 5 Bounce the ball off of one wall, then click again to bounce it off of the opposite wall. Fairly easy.
Around the World 10 Bounce the ball off of one wall, and then let it hit the opposite wall without bouncing it yourself. Difficult.
Grounder 10 Bounce the ball very close to the ground without dropping it. This is easy to do, but also easy to mess up since a dropped ball quickly hits the ground.

As you accumulate points, the game keeps both a running total and an overall score. The running total is comprised of all the points earned from tricks since the last time the ball either crossed the red sensor line or was dropped. Once the ball bounces over the red line, the points are safe. However, if the ball hits the floor before it can be bounced over the red line, the current running total is lost.

The overall total is the accumulation of all the completed running totals. When you send your score, it's only the overall score. You must add a running total to your overall score to get the points.

Tips & Strategies

The most effective strategy is doing grounders with the Grundo ball. The great thing about the Grundo ball is that it has those legs and ears sticking out: the ball isn't considered "dropped" if the legs or ears touch the ground, but you still get grounder points if they get close to touching. This makes getting grounders much easier and lets you rack up points very quickly. Keep the Grundo ball low, have it's legs or ears pointed down, and keep clicking. You should hear a beep sound every time you complete a grounder. Remember, each grounder is worth 10 points! Avoid letting the Grundo move left or right - you might lose control. With this strategy you can get 3,000 NP a day from this game very easily, and maybe even a trophy if you practice enough!

The screenie below is after doing grounders for about a minute and a half: 152 clicks to earn 740 points! Just under half of the clicks were grounders making for 4.8 points per click, much better than a measly 1 point for freestyle.


Don't get discouraged if you keep dropping the ball at first. With a little practice, you'll be getting grounder after grounder in no time. As with any game, just keep at it and you'll be able to snag that shiny trophy.

Written by Matt
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