Wicked Wocky Wobble

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Like many other Neopians, Wallace likes to collect junk items. We can only imagine how full his Safety Deposit Box is. One day, he found that items were falling from a tree in the forest and started to grab them.

Controls and Instructions

The controls of Wicked Wocky Wobble are very simple. All you need is a working mouse that will allow you to keep the balance of the pile of items that you are catching. To keep your balance, move in the same direction as your pile is pointing. If it goes to the right, move slightly to the right to regain a better balance. If your pile is pointing to the left, then move in that direction. Be careful though! If you move too fast, you will lose your balance and it's game over! Every so often, a Warf will come from the left or a Dragonack will come from the right of the screen and reduce your movement space. They will go away after a few seconds.

If you type wocky during the game after catching 3 or more items, a b Buzzer will fall from the tree. Catching this bonus will freeze your pile for a few second. Use it wisely.

In order to score points, you have to catch items that are falling from the tree. The following table explains the scoring system of the game.

Items Points


Twirly Fruit
11 points

Spiky Orange Shell

The Ixi Adventure
22 points

Garlic Jubjub Plushie

Mutant Jubjub Plushie

Speckled Jetsam Plushie
35 points

Illusen Plushie

Ixi Heroes

Taelia Plushie
50 points

Factor 50 Sun Tan Lotion

The Golden Journal

Wind Up
Illusen Doll
80 points

Harffel Fruit

Wailing Evil Coconut
111 points

Tips and Strategy

First of all, make sure that you have enough space to move your mouse freely and make sure that your mouse is working well. Your success at Wicked Wocky Wobble depends directly on your mouse performance. The game takes also require all of your attention, which means that you should try to cut all possible distractions.

You probably already noticed, there is no timer in this game. You can play it as long as you don't drop your items. Of course, it comes a time when the pile become unstable by itself and falls on its own, which means that even without a timer, the game cannot be played forever.

The 2 first items that will drop from the tree are always chosen from Oranella, Twirly Fruit, Spiky Orange Murex Shell or The Ixi Adventure book. The 2 first only awards you 11 points so you should avoid to catch them. However, if you catch a mix of Murex shells and books, you will get a total of 44 points.

Good starting catches!

As I mentioned earlier, you can use the wocky cheat code once you have 3 or more items in your hands. To make this code easier to use, type 'wock' in the entrance screen and hit the 'y' when you want to use the bonus item. Your pile will freeze for about 3 or 4 seconds when you catch the Buzzer.

In order to achieve a high score, you should aim for items that worth more points. They also fall from the tree faster, making them harder to catch. If you have more than one item falling at the same time, always go for the one that will reward you with more points.

Lastly, if your pile of items touches the top of the screen, you are rewarded with a 200 bonus points and your score is sent automatically.

Thanks to Bri for the additional tips.


Wicked Wocky Wobble is a fun game once you understand how to balance the items. After playing it, you might feel the rush to get one of the snazzy items of the game for your own collection. We are not responsible of impulsive shopping effects cause by this game.

Written by Xepha
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