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In this game, you play as a Spyder. Your objective is to score a lot of points and trap the Vernaxes.

Instructions & Controls

The controls are a bit different compared to most other games. You'd expect to use the arrow keys and such. During the game, click on any spot in the map and MOVE your mouse LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, OR UP. Then, a little arrow will appear. Release the left mouse button, then it will create a "web." Allow us to visually demonstrate this here:

After understanding the controls, you must understand the original objective of the game.

You need to "trap" the Vernaxes. To do this, you create "webs." We showed you above how to create webs (creating webs is NOT the difficult part of the game). The smaller the web, the more points you get. To "trap" a Vernax you need to corner him on all 4 sides. However if your web isn't finished and a Vernax runs into it, it will die.

Tips & Strategy

One of the biggest strategies is to start your web before the Vernax gets to the place you want to trap him.

A good way to increase your score is to increase the number of Vernax you trap. The points you get for each trap are multiplied by the number of Vernax trapped. This can help you get the most out of good traps and also save you time.

Besides trapping the Vernax, focus on well you trap them. The smaller the trap, the better the score. You can see the score after you trap one, and you'll also get a description at the top of the screen. A bad trap would have a description like Horizontal Single but a great trap would have a description such as ELITE Horizontal Single.

There are two strategies for playing Web of Vernax. The first would be to trap the Vernax with as little web as possible. This is good because you are sometimes awarded bonuses. The second is to use A LOT of web to trap the Vernax effectively. You can use your web to lead the vernax into a small area where you plan to trap him, just make sure that you don't enclose a square while doing so. This is more time consuming and you won't get the previously mentioned bonues, but it helps you get more elite traps. Try both of these and see which one works for you.

Also be sure to watch out for the Red Spyders who will come and eat your web! You'll have to work around them :)


This game might require some getting used to, but it's pretty fun. Use your webs effectively and try to make the smallest trap possible. Practice and soon enough you may see your own name on the high score board!

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