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When they're not constantly wailing for expensive food, Kadoaties seem to have a habit of climbing trees. Very tall trees. Unfortunately, they also seem to have a habit of becoming frightened and cannot come down themselves. There is only one brave team that can save the poor Kadoaties from taking a plunge. Who you gonna call? The Warf Rescue Team!

Controls and Instructions

Starting at the very base of the tree, you should immediately notice a Petpet sitting on a branch. This is the first Kadoatie that you have to rescue. You accomplish this task by stacking multiple Warfs on top of each other until they reach the distressed Kadoatie. How do you do this? Read below to find out.

Near the bottom of the screen is a light gray bar above a darker one. This is the meter that determines where the Warfs will land. Sliding back and forth across this meter is a small green square. Using this green square, you can decide where to launch your first Warf. You will first want to aim the square below the Kadoatie. Next, click and hold the left mouse button. The square will turn red and a power meter will appear. The closer the green bar is to the black bar, the more powerful the launch is and vice versa. Since you are launching the first Warf, you want the power meter to be low because there aren't any other Warfs to land on. Plus, higher launches that are not necessary may shave off valuable seconds from the Timer. Repeat this process for the other Warfs.

Now you may be thinking, "I have to go through all of this for a simple launch?" This may seem like a lot to go through, but it really isn't. The process is quick and easy once you become accustomed to it. You'll be rescuing those Kadoaties in no time.

You will encounter only a few enemies, or rather obstacles, in Warf Rescue Team. They hardly pose a threat to you and are considered annoyances if anything else. These obstacles are scattered throughout the level and cannot affect any Warfs that are already piled up. If your current Warf manages to come into contact with one of these obstacles, it will lose its parachute and fall downwards. Usually, this won't be a problem since the current Warf will probably be above the stack of Warfs anyway. Failing to land on the stack of Warfs will cost you a life.

Airax- Native to Tyrannia, it seems that quite a few Airaxes have become comfortable living in this tree. These flighted Petpets are found nesting on tree branches and remain stationary throughout the game.

Acorns- Unseen creatures sometime peek their heads heads through holes in the tree and throw acorns at the Warf Rescue Team. Are they just territorial or do they have a grudge against Warfs in general? One thing is for sure; stay clear of the acorns.

Buzzer- Essentially large bees, Buzzers will fly back and forth across the screen. Dodging them can be tricky for some players, but in these Petpets are nothing to buzz about.

Tips and Strategies

Perhaps one of the most important rules to remember in this game is that the Warf Rescue Team likes to defy the laws of physics (to an extent, anyway). Many players become nervous when they notice that the stack of Warfs is curving or swaying. In reality, these Warfs are not going to fall down unless the time runs out or all your lives are lost.

Bonuses- There are two types of bonuses you can receive in Warf Rescue Team. A Color Bonus is when you stack three or more Warfs of the same color on top of each other. A Perfect Bonus is when you stack a Warf at the right spot, meaning that the launch cannot be too high or too low.

Warf Rescue Team also has a cheat code to go along with it. Typing trappedkadoaties during gameplay will grant you an extra life.


Although it may have outdated and simple graphics, Warf Rescue Team really isn't that bad of a game to play. The objective is clear and gameplay is fairly easy. Overall, this game should at least be played if you are looking for some Neopoints.

Written by Ian
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