The Usul Suspects

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Who said baby-sitting was easy? Baby Usuls are adorable, but once Lumi the Nimmo are alone with them, things become different! The Usuls turned into evil Neopets and vowed to drive Lumi crazy. She only has a water pistol and a bottle of milk to take back the control over the Usul Suspects!

Controls and Instructions

The controls of this game are easy to understand. Use your up and down arrow key to move the lift up and down. Press the right arrow key to feed one of the Usul behind you with a bottle of milk, thus making it disappear once fed. Shoot water to any falling Usul Suspects by pressing the left arrow key or Space bar.

However, if you miss your target, Usuls will climb in the tube and you will be able to clear them from the game by feeding it a bottle of milk. It's safe to feed Usuls who just gotten there or have just finished a push. On their way up, they will pick up a broom and they will try to push you down your lift. The first enemy who climbs in the tube will stay on the bottom platform ; the second one will stay on the middle platform and the third one will stay on the top platform. If more than 3 Usuls have landed on the ground, they will be queued and will replace Usuls on platforms as you feed them with milk.

During the game, you will encounter different color of Usul: Orange, Blue, Green, Baby, Shadow, Red and Purple. Blue, Baby, Red and Purple Usuls will shoot at you. If you are hit by them, you will fall from the lift and lose a life.

Scoring system of this game is complex. Every time that you aim correctly and hit one of the propeller hat of a Suspect, you will be awarded 2 points. If you don't aim properly and hit the body or the face of your target, you will only make them dizzy for a short moment.

Every time that you feed a bottle of milk to one of the Suspects, you will be awarded 1 point. If falling Usuls hit one Usul on the platform, you get 2 points. Also, when one of the Suspect fall on the floor after being shot by your water jet, you will be awarded some points, depending of the Usul's color. (See the chart below)

1 point

3 points

5 points

7 points

9 points

11 points

15 points

Tips and Strategy

First of all, it is easier to aim at the Usuls if you select the large resolution. You have to be really accurate when you shoot or you will lose precious seconds. Practice makes it perfect!

When the game starts, the first thing you will want to do when is to type lumiwatergun to gain an extra life. You could also type the cheat code between waves of enemies. The first waves of enemies will go down your screen slowly, but the next waves will move faster. If you miss your target, I suggest you to try to aim at it a maximum of 2 more times, and then to move on the next target. However, because you get more points when Usuls fall on the ground, you should hit the Usul Suspects, then let them land freely on the floor.

As I mentioned earlier, some of the Usul Suspects will also shoot at you. It is recommended to wait for them to open the fire in your direction before shooting at them. As you move farther in the game, you will notice that your enemies are more aggressive and will shoot multiple ammo at you. Also, you should try to clear Blue, Baby, Red and Purple Usuls first because if they hit your head with their bullet, you will lose a life.

To improve your performance, you should try to get rid of your enemies before they reach the middle of the screen. It gets harder to shoot at them when the are in the second half because you feel the pressure of more falling Usuls. Also, keeping the top of the level clear your Usuls will help you to evade from Usuls who have climbed and are trying to push you.

Also, take note that a safe area would be between two platforms. If you stand there, you can still feed the upper Usul and continue to aim at those who are going down the screen without risking your life.


The Usul Suspects is a classic arcade game that can help you to manage your anger by shooting cute baby Usuls. Who would have thought that a baby-sitting job would have turned into an epic battle...? Surely, Lummi should have applied to be a Petpetsitter rather than a baby-sitter!
Written by Xepha
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