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This game, though mainly based on luck, has a few strategies and quirks to it. With this guide you should be able to get the avatar after a few days. Just don't get into a fight with the Tyrannian pets who host the game!

Controls & Instructions

Two cards will be presented to you: one face-up and one face-down. The cards will be like a regular, real-world deck of cards, except these will have Neopian images on it. You have to choose whether you think the face-down card is higher or lower than the face-up one. (In this game, Aces are high.) Just click either Tyranu or Evavu. If you don't happen to speak the Tyrannian language, Tyranu means higher and Evavu means lower.

Tyranu Evavu screenshot


You win Neopoints based on the number of times you correctly guess Tyranu or Evavu.

Scoring Chart

Tips & Strategies

While this game is mostly luck, there are a few strategies you can use to maximize your chances of guessing correctly. First, for 2s, always choose Tyranu, because there is no lower card. Similarly, for Aces, always choose Evavu, because there can be no higher card. For the other cards, you'll have to take your chances.

Using Probability

If you are shown a low card, there are more cards in the deck that are higher than there are cards in the deck that are lower. For example, if you see a 4, there are more cards that are higher than 4 (specifically 5 - A) than there are lower than for (2 - 3). Thus, it is more likely that the next card will be higher, so you should choose Tyranu. Similarly, if you are shown a high card, you should probably choose Evavu. You may still lose with this strategy, since it is based on luck, but it can help.

The hard part about this strategy is the middle cards: the 7s and 8s. With these cards, there is almost an equal probability of being right or wrong. One option is to always choose Tyranu for 7s and Evavu for 8s. What tends to work better, though, is to choose to go "against the flow." If you have been choosing one option for a while, like a string of Tyranus, then choose the other option. It's not perfect but it helps.

Counting Cards

Another strategy you can use is counting cards. Keep a mental tally while you are playing. Every time you are shown a low card (2 - 7), subtract one from your tally. Every time you are shown a high card (8 - A), add one to your tally. Your tally number then gives you an idea of what types of cards are left in your deck: high or low. When you're faced with a 7 or 8, you can use your tally to help you decide which option to pick. If your tally is negative, that means you have seen more low cards than high cards. In that case, there are mostly high cards left in the deck, so you should choose Tyranu. But if your tally is positive, you've seen more high cards, so you should choose Evavu.

Here's an outline of how to use the counting cards system:

  • Choose Tyranu for cards 2 - 6 and subtract 1 from your tally.
  • Choose Evavu for cards 9 - A and add 1 to your tally.
  • For 7 or 8:
    • If your tally is negative, choose Tyranu.
    • If your tally is positive, choose Evavu.
    • If you see a 7, subtract 1 from your tally.
    • If you see an 8, add 1 to your tally.

Tracking Cards

A more effective but time-consuming strategy is to write down all the cards as they appear in the game. You could record which cards you've seen in a document with numbers 2 to 14 marked at the left. For any card that appears, you can then establish the exact probability for the next card to be lower or higher. This strategy is useful if you manage to guess right in the first rounds of the game and you want to keep your streak going.


This game is quite simple. You could have that avatar within a few days. Just remember the probability of each choice and you should be fine. Good luck!

Thanks to Annie for the counting cards strategy tip!

Written by Mike
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