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Typing Terror is a reaction-testing game where you must type to save yourself. You play a Grundo on the Virtupets Space Station. A whole group of Mechanical Grundos has been set loose. They are destroying the facility and they are on their way to you!

Instructions & Controls

During the game, you must use your keyboard. Type in each word that appears in a mechanical Grundo's front-screen in order to destroy them. The mechanical Grundos will be selected and destroyed automatically so there is no need to touch your mouse.


There are three ways to score: destroying Grundos, typing accurately, and not using lives.

Each Grundo you destroy will award you 5, 20, or 100 points, based on what type of Grundo it is. See our table below for a breakdown.

At the end of each level, you will get a bonus for your typing accuracy - so try not to have any typos. The bonus is double your accuracy (100% x 2 = 200 points) up until you reach the boss, when the bonus becomes triple (100% x 3 = 300 points).

At the end of the game, you are awarded 100 points for each unused life.

Yellow Grundo
These are the most common Grundos. They are worth 5 points each.

Red Grundo
The text on these Grundos is upside down, so it is harder to read and to get rid of. These are worth 20 points each.

Broken Grundo
Broken Grundos are rare. They are worth 100 points each!

The Levels

First, you'll face 5 levels of mechanical Grundos marching towards your ship. Once you destroy a certain number of Grundos, you will advance to the next level. The chart below tells how many Grundos you need to destroy in each level as well as the target score if you're trying for the avatar.

Level Number of Letters Number of Grundos Avatar Score
1 3 12 350-500
2 4 14 800-1000
3 5 16 1400-1500
4 6 18 2000
5 7 20 2500+
The Boss 8 25 words 3600

After you finish Level 5, you will come face-to-face with The Boss. In this level, you type 25 words with 8 letters per word in 60 seconds. If you've made it this far, you probably won't have too much trouble with this level, but do be aware of your time.


Each word you successfully type in this level earns you 20 points. Since your accuracy in this level is awarded a triple bonus, be extra careful!

Tips & Strategy

Focus on your accuracy. This might seem hard at first, but with practice you should be able to get 95%+ accuracy for at least the first two levels.

You don't have to destroy the Grundos in order. Just type the first letter of the word on the Grundo and that Grundo will be the one you need to destroy, no matter where it is on your screen.

In the first few levels, let as many mechanical Grundos come up to you as possible. That way, more Grundos will appear on your screen, and you'll have a higher chance of spotting a red or broken Grundo to get more points.

In later levels, speed is more important. You MUST go for whatever Grundos pop up first and destroy them. Your lives are each worth 100 points, so you cannot afford to lose any. You'll have to keep practicing to see what level you personally need to switch from a point to speed mentality.

Count out loud to remember how close you are to finishing the level. When you destroy the last Grundo on a level, all the other ones will vanish. So, you might be able to afford to wait just a little longer before destroying the last one in hopes that a broken Grundo will appear.

Practice with a Typing Test. This will help you improve your overall speed and accuracy of typing, so try one like this .

Study the list of possible words in Typing Terror. The list is included below. If you know the words, you won't be as surprised by some of the weirder or upside-down ones.

Once you get speed, accuracy, and strategy down, this game is mostly luck. You'll need to see a lot of Broken Grundos to get the avatar or a high score.

Word List

These are all the words in Typing Terror. Studying these words can help you become familiar with them, which makes it easier to type them quickly and score high in this game.

Level 1
  • Aye
  • Bye
  • Cut
  • Dye
  • Eye
  • FYI
  • Gyp
  • Hut
  • Ixi
  • Jut
  • Koi
  • Lye
  • Mum
  • Nut
  • Own
  • Put
  • Quo
  • Rye
  • Sup
  • Two
  • Uzi
  • Vow
  • Wry
  • You
  • Zoo
Level 2
  • Ayes
  • Byte
  • Cuts
  • Dyes
  • Eyes
  • Fyre
  • Gyro
  • Hype
  • Ixis
  • Jute
  • Kurt
  • Lyre
  • Myth
  • Nuts
  • Oxen
  • Pyre
  • Ruts
  • Quiz
  • Sync
  • Tzar
  • Usul
  • Vows
  • Wurm
  • Xray
  • Yurt
  • Zoom
Level 3
  • Azure
  • Byway
  • Czars
  • Dying
  • Eyrie
  • Fyora
  • Gyros
  • Hypos
  • Izaak
  • Juror
  • Kyrii
  • Lyses
  • Myths
  • Nymph
  • Ozone
  • Pyres
  • Quoth
  • Ryshu
  • Syrup
  • Typos
  • Uvula
  • Vyssa
  • Wryly
  • Xrays
  • Yurts
  • Zooms
Level 4
  • Azures
  • Byword
  • Cystic
  • Dynamo
  • Eyries
  • Fuzzle
  • Gyring
  • Hyping
  • Itself
  • Jutted
  • Kyriis
  • Lysine
  • Mythos
  • Nymphs
  • Oyster
  • Python
  • Quotes
  • Rutted
  • System
  • Tyrela
  • Uzarro
  • Vyssas
  • Wuzzle
  • Xantan
  • Yurble
  • Zygote
Level 5
  • Azaleas
  • Bywords
  • Czarist
  • Dynasty
  • Eyewink
  • Fuzzles
  • Gyrator
  • Hyphens
  • Ivories
  • Jutting
  • Kyruggi
  • Lysenko
  • Mystify
  • Nuzzles
  • Oysters
  • Pyramid
  • Quoting
  • Ryshiki
  • Szilard
  • Tzarina
  • Utterly
  • Vulture
  • Wryness
  • Xelqued
  • Yurbles
  • Zyrolon
The Boss
  • Awarding
  • Bystreet
  • Czerniak
  • Dyslexic
  • Eyewinks
  • Fuzzitus
  • Gyrostat
  • Hysteric
  • Iterator
  • Juvenile
  • Kumquats
  • Lyricist
  • Mythical
  • Nuzzling
  • Oxymoron
  • Pyramids
  • Quotient
  • Ruttiest
  • Syzygies
  • Tyrannia
  • Uttering
  • Vultures
  • Wronging
  • Yummiest
  • Zumagorn

Avatar Strategy

To get the avatar, you'll need practice and luck. For the first 5 levels, the key is to reach the minimum points listed above. You'll need to get enough broken grundos and a high enough accuracy (95%+ is a good goal) every round without losing any lives. If you don't reach the recommended scores or you lose a life, just restart the game until you get enough broken grundos without losing any lives.

To get the avatar, you must go into the final boss round with at least 2500 points. The maximum number of points you can get from the boss round is 1100. This includes: 300 from accuracy (100% x 3 = 300), 500 from words typed (25 words x 20 points = 500), and 3 unused lives (3 x 100 points = 300). The higher you are over 2500 when going to face the boss, the more wiggle room you have when it comes to accuracy.


This game is a great challenge and can score you some decent NP. It has a spiffy avatar, which is very attainable with practice and luck. Just stick with it and you can earn what you seek!

Written by Samuel & Ian
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