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NP Ratio: 0.83
830 pts :: 1000 NP


Oh no! Dr. Sloth has trapped a bunch of robotic pets in his evil toy box and its up to you to help get them out! You have to use the neopets' special abilities to help you get them all to the levels exit. There are 20 levels in all, all harder than the next. Also remember to watch out for the spikes, lava, and other dangerous things Dr. Sloth has thrown into his twisted little toy box.

Instructions & Controls

All you need to use to play this game is your mouse and good timing. Just click on the image of the pet you want to use it's ability when you want it to use its ability. Some pets will use their ability right when you click on them like a Shoyru jumping and some will wait until they run into the correct object to use their ability, such as a Mynci climbing.

Ramp - If you click on a Uni, it will transform into a ramp the next time it hits a block allowing any other pet to walk up it. Note, the ramp is one block high.
Push - When you click on a Kacheek at any time, it will push the next block it comes into contact with as far as it will go (it stops when it falls or hits another block/wall). Blue blocks cannot be pushed.
Burn - When you click on a Scorchio at any time, it will burn and destroy the next block it comes into contact with. This doesn't work on blue blocks.
Dig - Click on a Kougra anytime you are over a block to dig through it and drop down. Blue blocks cannot be dug through.
Climb - When you click on a Mynci at any time, it will climb the next wall or block it comes into contact with, including blue blocks.
Jump - Click on a Shoyru at anytime to make it jump. This is useful for getting over blocks and spikes.

Tips & Strategies

The main strategy for this game is to practice, practice, practice! I know you've probably heard that about a million times, but for this game its true. If you keep playing through the levels, you'll know what to expect the next time and you'll be able to get through the levels quickly and easily. Also be sure to collect as many coins as you can to get the maximum amount of points. They are each worth 20 points in the game, so if you get them all from all 20 levels, you will get an extra 400 NP!


Well, now that you know the basics of the game, you should be well on your way to a trophy and high score! Just remember to keep practicing and watch out for those spikes.

Written by Ryan
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