The Haunted Shootery

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Deep within the Haunted Woods resides a gypsy camp with several mysterious wagons. One wagon in particular, however, is unlike the rest. Upon closer inspection, the wagon is actually a shooting gallery! Step right up and load the cork gun, for it is now time to do some Haunted Shootery.

Controls & Instructions

A mouse is all that is required to take aim with the cork gun. Using the crosshair, the player must take aim on targets and shoot them by pressing the left-mouse button. This process continues for 3 levels, with each one becoming progressively faster as targets come and go. The game does not end until all 3 lives are lost or the Blathering Beech is defeated.

Level- The ticker at the top of the screen indicates what level the player is on (there are three of them).
Mute Sound- This button mutes the game's sound effects.
Mute Music- This button mutes the game's music.
Crosshair- The crosshair is what the player uses to shoot the targets.
Score- The amount points the player currently has, which can be earned by shooting the targets.
Lives- The light bulbs represent the lives the player has, which is three.
Hit Targets- This ticker represents how many targets the player has shot.
Targets- Targets are the main priority in the game. With the exception of one type of target, it is the player's job to shoot them all down. Below is a chart explaining the targets:

Target Description Target Description

7 Points Total

1st Hit: 2 Points
2nd Hit: 5 Points

Black Elm
9 Points Total

1st Hit: 2 Points
2nd Hit: 7 Points

8 Points Total

1st Hit: 2 Points
2nd Hit: 2 Points
3rd Hit: 4 Points

Ghost Meepit
15 Points Total

1st Hit: 15 Points

Ominous Stone
9 Points Total

1st Hit: 2 Points
2nd Hit: 7 Points

Lose 5 Points

Blathering Beech

200 Points Total

The Blathering Beech is Haunted Shootery's "end boss", appearing at the end of the third level. Unlike the previous targets, the Blathering Beech can actually cause damage by taking away a life each time it attacks. To prevent this from happening, the player must constantly shoot at the Beech's limbs, removing them one by one.

The boss takes 50 hits to defeat altogether, with each successful hit worth 2 points.
A bonus of 100 points is added to the score once the nightmarish tree is dealt with.

Tips and Strategies

The Haunted Shootery is an extremely straightforward game that only requires the accurate click of a mouse on targets. Therefore, that is not a real strategy one could go by. However, there are several tips that can be useful:

  • Ignore the life meter until the Blathering Beech appears. With the exception of the boss, no other targets can harm the player.
  • Constantly shoot the Blathering Beech in the limbs to prevent it from moving forward and attacking. The tree should be cut down to size in no time.
  • Be fast, yet efficient when shooting the targets. They appear and disappear much faster later on, so an accurate shot is important.
  • If targets are moving to fast to shoot down fully, make an attempt to at least hit them for some points.
  • Shoot the Ghost Meepit target if possible, but don't get fully distracted from the other targets if it appears


The Haunted Shootery is a quick and simple flash game that is easy to earn a decent amount of Neopoints in. Why not give it a shot?

Written by Ian
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