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Woogy and Jimmi are back in a new game full of bouncing fun! In this game you must help them bounce around Meridell and collect the balloons that spell the word Hasee!

Controls & Instructions

Super Hasee Bounce requires the use of your mouse or your arrows, depending on your preference. You push the right or left arrow, or move your mouse left or right to move the corresponding direction. You will want to have the empty side of your seesaw under the Hasee that is about to drop down. Once the Hasee falls onto that side of the seesaw the other Hasee will fly up to collect more ballons.

The level will end once you have collected the balloons that spell out H-A-S-E-E. During the game you will run into black balloons. Avoid them as they will make your Hasee see stars, causing them to be unable to collect anything. If your Hasee on the seesaw is knocked out, they will not be able to move the seesaw! Stone blocks will block your way, but they don't hurt you. You will just bounce off of them.

Regular Mode

This mode has 15 levels. Each increase in difficulty as you play. The level will end when you collect all the balloons to spell Hasee. There are some extra balloons you will want to pay attention to as well as obstacles. Most of the balloons on your screen are worth nothing and are not important to try and collect.

Regular Mode Power Ups

Power Ups Effect
When you hit this balloon you will temporarily be able to destroy metal blocks and such that are in your way. You can see how much time you have left for the power-up in the upper left part of your screen.
If you get this balloon a pair of draiks will pop up at the bottom of your screen. These lovely draiks will hold up a black line that you can bounce on! While this is up you won't have to worry about lining up your seesaw with your Hasee!
The balloon with the "S" inside the circle makes your Hasee's bounce a super bounce. This can be extremely helpful in collecting other balloons, but be careful when trying to match the seesaw up with them as they are going a bit faster!
Worth 10 Points! Be sure to collect those they are your only means of collecting points, other than your letters.
You will find three different balloons that will increase your amount of points. They are X2, X3, and X5. When you get one of these balloons the amount of points you will get will be multiplied by the amount on the balloon.

Your main goal is to try and gather as many doughnutfruit balloons before you get all of your letters. In regular mode, once you have all of your letters you will move on to your next level, so if you missed doughnutfruit balloons, you missed points. Since doughnutfruit balloons and letters are the only thing you get points for there is no need to try and get the other empty balloons. Remember to try to get balloons that multiply your score.

Hard Mode

This mode is a bit different than regular mode. Your goal is still to collect the balloons to spell Hasee. However you will now be battling more obstacles.

In this mode you will be fighting with the wind, like you do in Kass Basher. In the upper right corner of your game screen you will see how hard the wind is blowing by looking at the flag and number it says. A negative number means the wind is blowing to the left, while a positive number means the wind is blowing to the right. The wind will force you in different directions, and complicate gathering the balloons you need.

There are additional power-ups in this mode, and another block is added in this mode. These blocks have spikes on them; avoid them as they will cause you to lose a life.

Hard Mode Power-ups

Remember you have all the power-ups you had in the Regular Mode.

Power Up Effect
This balloon will stop the wind from blowing temporarily. Now you won't have to worry about being pushed the wrong way by the wind!
This balloon will change the direction of the wind. If your wind was 3, now it will be -3. Therefore, changing the direction. This can be both helpful and unhelpful.


This game is mostly luck. The better power-ups you get the better your score. But remember to collect as many of the point scoring balloons as you can! Doughnutfruit before letters! Once you have all your letters the level is over, and you lose the chance to score those other points.

The seesaw will make you jump higher if you jump farther towards the end of it. If you jump closer to the middle you will not jump as high. Getting used to how your seesaw works is difficult, moving the seesaw when your Hasee lands on it will make the Hasee move that way more. However, this is a very difficult task and not recommended for those who tend to miss their Hasee when it's landing.

Try not to let your Hasee hit your other Hasee when it lands. That will just cause them both to see stars and you will more than likely lose a life. Good luck bouncing around!

Try not to hit anything you shouldn't, Jimmi and Woogy won't much like that!

Written by Ian
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