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Sloth's never been a good guy. Have you ever known him to do anything remotely helpful to Neopia? Well, neither have these two Grundos. They have manufactured a sock looking a lot like Dr. sloth. It's up to you to whack it good!

Controls & Instructions

It's not exactly the most complex game in the world! You need your reflexes after clicking the "Start" button. Press the spacebar when you see the Dr. Sloth sock to hit it and send your score.

Tips & Strategies

If only there was a strategy to follow! It's simply down to you and your reflexes, I'm afraid. I'll try to be as much help as I can, though.

Here's the screen when you are poised and ready to whack Sloth:

You see that long red tube? That's what the Grundos are shooting their Sloth sock down. It could come down quite quickly, or it could take a long time. It takes between 2 and 15 seconds to complete a ride down that tube. That means you could have to stay on your toes for quite a while.

You are hitting the Sloth Sock with a Neopian Times. That's the rolled up newspaper. That means that you must hit the Sloth sock when it's underneath the Neopian Times otherwise it's no points. If somehow your reactions are superbly amazing, then this shouldn't really be a problem.

When you see the Sloth Sock slide out of the tube, hit your spacebar! More than likely, you'll hit it in some part of its "body". Obviously, you are aiming for it's "head", but the bottom of the sock will still get you points. Points vary from about 300 points for getting the "head", to almost 30 for hitting the bottom of it.

If you want to achieve a perfect score, hit space bar as soon as you hear clicking sound of the game. Most of the time, you will miss and have to restart. However, if you are very lucky you will splat the Sloth perfectly and earn 500 points.

If you hit the Sloth sock at any point, it automatically sends your score. You have no choice in the matter, I'm afraid. :( If you're quick enough, you can refresh the game window before it sends the score. The same rule of sending your score 3 times applies here, too.

For once, people with slow computers have an advantage! Deliberately choose the "High" graphics setting. That way, the game will play slowly, and you will notice the Sloth sock quicker.


A really evil game! No skill is really required, just reactions. Keep trying, and you'll hit Sloth good and proper sometime! Good luck!

Written by Matt
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