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Spellseeker is a game with three play modes that is simple in theory, and an easy way to earn a few thousand NeoPoints in a short amount of time. If you're going for a high score, though, you're in for some hard work!

Controls and Instructions

You play this game using your mouse, in one of two ways. You can click and drag your mouse over each of the tiles you want to select, in order, then release the mouse button to complete your chain, OR click each one of the desired tiles in the chain one at a time, then click on the last one again, or on the submit button, to complete the chain.

Here's what your basic screen will look like.


There are three modes that you can choose for this game: Symbols, Numbers, and Words.

In Symbols mode, the object is to select tiles that display the same symbols on them.

As the levels progress, a greater variety of symbols appear, and the amount of points needed to progress rises. Also, the number of oozing, slimy "cursed tiles" you receive increases; we'll talk more about those later.

Numbers mode is quite similar to symbols mode, but with a few key differences; instead of symbols, numbers appear on the tiles, and from level to level, not only do more numbers appear, but different sorts of chains become required.

On the beginning levels, a tile can simply be connected to the one next to it if they are one number apart.

However, as you work your way up the levels, you may be asked to form different combinations. At first, more numbers may be added, allowing you to continue creating one-number-apart chains, working your way up until any number between zero and five appears on the board. Eventually, however, you will be asked to make chains where the numbers are two or more numbers apart, and with rapidly increasing amounts of numbers.

Words mode is a little different, and, depending on your strengths, much harder. It's very similar to an entirely non-Neopets-related game called Bookworm. Here, you have to use the letters on the board to create real, appropriate words.

In any mode, it's important to remember that the bigger your chain, the more points you get, and the more quickly you can progress to the next level. However, there are a couple more things to keep in mind that may help or hinder you in your progress.

Special Tiles

There are a couple of different types of special tiles that will appear during your game.

Cursed tiles can be a huge hindrance to you, depending what level you're on. They're ugly, menacing, and probably smell bad.

For every chain you create that doesn't remove a cursed tile, the cursed tile will eat through the tile immediately beneath it, destroying it. If a cursed tile reaches the bottom of the board before you reach the score needed for the level, the whole screen will fill up with them, and the game will be over! I personally find it amusing when the wizened old sorcerer face/palms in disappointment as the game over screen appears, but if you're going for a high score, this is the last thing you want to see.

Also, if you use the Shuffle button at the bottom of the board, it will shuffle the tiles, but cause a few more cursed tiles to appear.

Gold tiles are a great way to boost your score fast, if you're desperate to finish the level before the cursed tiles take over. They're shiny, happy, and probably smell like kittens frolicking in warm laundry.

Basically, including any one of these in a chain will boost the score ridiculously high. They also fill your potion bottle, covered in the next section.

The Potion Bottle

This is a new addition to the game, not included in the original release. As you use more gold tiles in your chains, the potion bottle fills up.

When the bottle is full, as shown above, you can use it. Click it, and it turns all your cursed tiles into normal tiles, poof! This drains your potion bottle, and you have to fill it up again before it can be used. However, the level of fullness does carry on from level to level. So if it's full, but you don't need to use it before you finish the level, it will still be full when you begin the next level.


To get the points you need for your maximum NeoPoint reward, I would recommend numbers mode, as it rewards more points to begin with, and the chains are generally easier to create. Either way, it's a great way to kill time as it's relatively calm - no time limit! - but also somewhat of a mental challenge. Just be patient, and keep your eyes open for those cursed tiles!

Written by Nellethiel
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