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Controls and Introduction

Sophie's Stew is all about concentration, diligence and a steady hand. The most popular witch in Neopia needs your help. So what are you waiting for? Get in there and help her. You are here to help, aren't you?


In Sophie's Stew, you control Sophie's wand - the one with the distinct green glow. Sophie, on the left of the screen, will throw ingredients into the air, and using your staff, controlled by the mouse, you must bounce the ingredient towards the cauldron, to the right of the screen. The closer to the center of the wand the ingredient hits, the higher it bounces, while the closer to the edge it hits, the farther it bounces left or right, depending on the side it hits. If an ingredient hits the ground, a life is lost. Once your lives reach 0, the game ends.

Sophie's Meowclops runs around the bottom of the screen. If ingredients land on the Meowclops, they will be eaten and no lives will be lost. You will also gain points, but not as many as you would have had the ingredient landed in the cauldron where it belongs. Two items, the codestone and the Pile of Dung, will not award any points if eaten by the Meowclops. After the Meowclops eats an ingredient, he will not be able to catch and eat another for a few seconds until he's done eating the first one. If another item lands on him before he's done, it will count as a lost life.

Point Values

Cauldron Points 5 5 6 6 6
Meowclops Points 0 5 1 1 5
Cauldron Points 7 7 8 8 8
Meowclops Points 2 2 1 2 1
Cauldron Points 9 10 10 12 15
Meowclops Points 2 10 2 0 5


A Droolik (winged, grey Petpet) occasionally flies across the top of the screen. If an ingredient is bounced high enough to hit the Droolik, a power-up falls down. Catching it gives benefits, depending on the power-up.

It's generally wise to AVOID the Wand Size Decrease power-up, as it can make it harder to aim when trying to bounce items off the wand. Be careful with the Extra Life power-up. You can get a maximum of 6 lives in this game by having the initial 5 lives you start with and catching an Extra Life power-up before any lives are lost. If you already have full lives, ignore the Extra Life power-up and focus on bouncing the ingredients instead. The same is true with the Increase Wand Size power-up. The power-ups don't stack, so you'd be wasting your time trying to catch the power-up if your wand is already big.

Cheat Code

Type hungrymeowclops in-game to receive an extra life. This can only be used once. It can be difficult to type in such a long code when you actually need the life later in the game and ingredients are coming at you quickly, so type in the code in parts whenever you have a spare second, saving the last "s" in "meowclops" until you need the life. (For example, I could type in "hun," then bounce a few items into the cauldron, then type "gryme," bounce in some more items, then type "owclop," and keep playing until I need the life, then type in the last "s" to complete the code and it would count. Just don't forget what you've already typed in!)


As always, practice makes perfect. It's a game - don't take it too seriously. Take a chance to smell the roses. And laugh at that funny little Meowclops.

Written by Staff Compiled with help from vinylvixen
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