Shenkuu Warrior II

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Princess Terrana is back for more training in this sequel to Shenkuu Warrior. Help guide her as she grapples her way up from the forest to the mountaintop.

Controls & Instructions

The controls for this game are very easy. Simply aim your mouse at a ledge [2] and click. This will fire the grapple at the ledge and pull Terrana [1] up with it. As you go, you'll want to try to pick up the coins or family crests [3]. Bronze are worth 50 points, silver are 100, and gold, 200. They will sometimes appear in clusters, such as these.

You pick up crests when Terrana touches them, or just by running your mouse over them. Collecting all of a cluster will double your points.

There are four different levels, three in training, and zen. In Training Mode, you begin in the forest. The altitude from the forest floor to the mountain is approximately 28000, from the mountain to the mountain peaks is about 48000, and from the peaks to the mountaintop (and zen level) is a bit over 70000.

Tips and Strategy

There are three powerups to watch out for throughout the game. They appear on different levels and are all very helpful - get them whenever possible.

PowerupWhat they doHow to get them
Kite The kite will give Terrana a short boost upwards. Hook onto its ledge with the grappling hook. They look different from other ledges, so they should be easy to spot.
Dragon The dragon will give Terrana a longer ride upwards while automatically collecting all crests she passes. It does NOT award the bonus for collecting all crests in a cluster. The dragon will pick Terrana up if she crosses it while midair. They are not stationary, so watch out for that.
Balloon The balloons give you five ledges to use. It only appears in the sky level. To set a ledge, press Space. This one is collected just like the crests.

In addition, there are two types of ledges to watch for: the broken ledge, and the purple cloud.

You want to AVOID these. The broken ledge can be used, you'll just have to hook it twice. The first time will break it, the second time you can catch on the edges. The purple cloud wil nearly disappear after you hit it. This can be useful as a delay in falling to place a balloon ledge, but don't count on it holding you up because, once it has been hooked the first time, it shrinks to a tiny dot that is extremely difficult to hook again.

My main piece of advice for this game is to GO SLOWLY. There is a point deduction for time, but there's a bonus for accuracy, so take your time to aim each shot before throwing the hook. Plus, misses can take up the valuable time you need for another shot. This game is much less fast-paced than the original; you've got time and should take advantage of it.


And there you have it! Like all things, this may take a little practice to get good at, especially if you're aiming for a high score. But hey, even Shenkuuvian princesses need to train. ;) Happy climbing!

Written by livvy
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